Tweet your Aldi receipt – and raise money for charity

Help out Aldi's Teenage Cancer Trust donation by snapping a shot of your receipt... TODAY IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!

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Aldi has launched an incredible fundraising initiative that will donate money to Teenage Cancer Trust, providing you snap a photo of your receipt, tag @AldiUK and hashtag #TweetYourReceipt. Rounding up the extra pennies on the end of your receipt, Aldi has pledged to help this worthy charity to achieve new goals with their donations. 

As of Monday 20th, they've been donating like crazy as the internet has gone wild for this brilliant initiative, recognising the importance and ease of just simply tweeting out a photo of their receipt. Customers have until Friday 24th July to raise £10,000, all of which will go to support young people living with cancer. Aldi is a long term charity partner of Teenage Cancer Trust and this initiative was created in celebration of them hitting their £5 million funding target ahead of schedule (18 months early!). 

Letting you (and us) lead the way, customers need only do their weekly shop, today, in Aldi... Aldi will round up your pennies and send them to an extremely worthy cause. Aldi is Britain’s fifth largest supermarket with 880 stores so finding your local shouldn't be too tricky! Also, trust us when we say they have EVERYTHING you need at a fraction of the cost of your usual shop. Research from Which? in July 2020 confirmed it as the UK's lowest priced supermarket – and we're big fans at The ultimate spot for bargain hunters, whether you're shopping for groceries, tech gadgets, garden buys or interior decorations!

These donations are invaluable, helping those who deserve it and who can make a difference. So far, the training of 30 specialist nurses, 15 youth support coordinators and four multi-disciplinary team coordinators has been funded by these donations 

Kate Collins, Chief Executive of Teenage Cancer Trust, says, 'Aldi are a phenomenal partner to Teenage Cancer Trust. To reach our fundraising target of £5m in just three years is an incredible achievement and will make a lasting difference to the lives of young people with cancer.'

So, the long and short of it is: you shop and Aldi will donate! 

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