Charities and coronavirus: the 5 top charities you should support right now

Charities are having a very tough time during the coronavirus pandemic. These are the organisations you can help by donating now

coronavirus and charities
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Charities across the UK are increasingly struggling to cope with the knock-on effect from coronavirus. Understaffing and closures, along with a lack of resources and funds amid increased pressure have created a perfect storm for organisations that support society's most vulnerable groups. 

We can't include every charity that's working hard to help locally, and if you would like to help a local charity, it's best to do an online search of grassroots organisations in your area and how you can help. The following list of charities is more of a starting point for making a contribution to the coronavirus relief effort. 

If you need support and advice about coronavirus and health-related questions, visit our hub page.

1. British Red Cross

The National Emergencies Trust (NET), in partnership with the British Red Cross, has launched an appeal to raise funds to help those made most vulnerable by the Covid-19 pandemic. This includes making financial help available via a simple application process – vital for people whose employer is not being supportive in continuing their salary before the government grants come through.

2. The Trussell Trust

The Trussell Trust works with over 1,200 food banks across the UK to help people who can't afford to buy groceries. Food banks have been hard hit by lockdown measures, having to reduce the number of volunteers working there to ensure everyone's safety, and some deciding to close. The Trussell Trust has a search tool that allows you to find food banks that are open near you and will give a list of products they currently need.

3. Age UK

The work Age UK do to help older people is crucial during the pandemic: the charity is aiming to raise £10 million in order to continue providing older people with support, advice, and friendship services via its helpline, as well as distributing food parcels via local community groups. 

4. Compliments of The House

Compliments of The House is a London-based charity that collects surplus food from restaurants, cafe chains, and supermarkets and delivers them to vulnerable and homeless people. They have had to close their distribution centre and are relying on donations to create emergency food packages so that they can continue to help the most vulnerable people in the community.

5. Pram Depot

Becoming a mum during the coronavirus outbreak is a very stressful experience, but it's unimaginably more stressful for women who are struggling financially or are homeless and can't afford the essentials needed to look after a newborn. The Pram Depot are aiming to deliver 100 baby boxes to vulnerable mums during the Covid-19 outbreak and desperately need funds to do so.

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