TikToker shares online shopping hack for picking up home decor pieces on a budget

A very handy trick to have up your sleeve when searching for a specific item

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There's nothing more satisfying than bagging a real bargain, especially if it's something you've wanted for a while. A TikToker has shared her secret for finding cheap home décor and furniture online, and it involves searching for visually similar images of the piece you're coveting.

So if you're currently on a blinkered hunt for a specific item to finish off your living room ideas, keep scrolling.

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'If you’re shopping for furniture and home décor online, don’t skip this because this hack will save you a bunch of money,' says Mallory in the clip. First of all, she shows viewers a lamp from Urban Outfitters that she liked - but it was just under $130. 

So she types in a description of the product into Google. The savvy shopper uses the search terms 'wavy chrome lamp,' being specific in terms of material and style to help Google to bring up similar options. 

Then, the exact same lamp pops up on the search engine results page, and it turns out it's available at Wayfair for $94. At this point, Mallory right-clicks on the image of the lamp on the Wayfair site and saves it to her computer.


This hack will save you A TON of $$$ when you’re shopping for furniture or home decor online. ##homedecorhack ##furnitureshopping ##onlineshoppinghack

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Then she goes to images.google.com and drags and drops the image into the search bar. Visually similar images appear, which you can browse to see if you can find an even cheaper version in the depths of Google. 

From this, she finds that the lamp is also sold at Home Depot, for just $77, and Ashley Furniture was also selling it for a similar price, with a further 10% off. Mallory buys the lamp for $70 from Ashley Furniture - saving around $60 on the lamp she originally spotted on Urban Outfitters. 

The video has now been viewed 456,000 times and has received hundreds of comments from people who have used the trick. 'YES I literally bought a couch for $400 on Ashley that was being sold for $1,000 on Wayfair,' says one.

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'I hope your pillow is always cold. Thank you,' writes another appreciative viewer. 'This happened with Pottery Barn! They were selling a lamp for $150 and I got it for $39 at Bed Bath & Beyond,' comments a third. 

One person comments that you can simply right-click on any image online and select 'search Google for image' to speed up the process. When we tried it ourselves, we didn't have as much luck. 

We looked for lighting ideas for living rooms, like the Murano lamp dupes but the original product we looked at from Urban Outfitters seemed to be the cheapest. We also looked for rattan lamps and boucle armchairs, and while searching through the visually similar images brings up other options, they weren't the exact same product.

So, we'd say that the hack is one to use if you have your heart set on a specific piece - you could get lucky. But it only seems to be helpful if you have a clear image in your head of what you want and are waiting for the universe to deliver.

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