The Ring Door View Camera is now available. It's renter-friendly, DIY-install and wireless. Ring Doorbell fans, this way please

Designed with renters in mind, the Ring Door View Camera is the clever little sister of Ring Doorbells, and the ultimate addition to your wireless home security setup

Ring Door View Camera smart doorbell
(Image credit: Ring)

If you're a renter who's been eyeing up the Ring doorbell, wondering whether you could stretch to the price or whether your landlord might consent to the hardwired model, we've got good news: the new Ring Door View Cam, aimed at renters, has just been launched (you can shop it, below).

Until now, renters have had to suffer second rate security. Many smart security systems require hard wiring that many a landlord outright refused to consent to, while the cost of most smart home security gadgets is enough to put off cash-strapped renters saving for their own home or looking to move on again soon. 

But that shouldn't be the case. So, if you're a renter who's looking to add that extra layer of security to your home, you'll be excited to hear about this long awaited launch, which is set to revolutionise renter-friendly security.

So what is the Ring Door View Cam? Quite simply, it's a wire-free video doorbell designed to transform an existing, traditional peephole into a smart security device. It's easily installed in place of the existing, compatible peephole, and does not require drilling or permanent modifications to your home or door. This means you're free to enhance your home security, without getting on the wrong side of your landlord or spending out on installation.

Speaking about the launch, Jamie Siminoff, Ring’s founder and Chief Inventor, says, 'As we continue on our mission of reducing crime in neighbourhoods, we want everyone with a front door to have the ability to protect their property and prevent crime from taking place. We’ve heard from countless customers over the years who want to secure their front door with a Ring Doorbell but are not able to install one of our existing doorbells. With the addition of Door View Cam, we are unlocking peace of mind for every customer.'

To install the Ring Door View Cam, you simply remove the existing peephole (using a handy tool that comes with your purchase), install the Door View Cam in its place on each side of the door, pop in the rechargeable battery and the removable cover, and then download the app. That done, you will have transformed your old peephole into a smart security camera you can monitor from your smartphone. Easy.

Here's what else is on offer:

  • HD video – customers can view live video and recordings of their front door with the same experience and video quality as Ring’s other video doorbells. This means you can keep an eye on your home security, from afar, as well as ensuring you'll never miss another delivery;
  • Knock detection – If visitors don't press the doorbell button, Door View Cam features a sensor that lets you know when they interact with your door, such as if they knock;
  • Traditional door viewer functionality – Door View Cam includes a glass viewer so the functionality of the existing peephole is not lost;
  • Privacy zones – allows users to ignore certain zones in the doorbell camera’s field of view;
  • Audio toggle – allows users to turn off audio, including audio recording.

How much is the Ring Door View Cam?

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