The cheapest Fitbit deals right now – save $$$s and shred pounds this September

Want to buy a Fitbit? These are the best current Fitbit deals around. From the Alta to the Ionic and the Versa Lite, there's no need to overspend on getting fit this month

Fitbit Versa Lite Smart Watch - Mulberry
(Image credit: FitBit)

Looking to purchase a Fitbit? Whether for you – to track your health or exercise – or as a gift for a college student to track their sleep, there's no need to overspend: we've found the best Fitbit deals available right now. 

Prices start at just $64.99 for a Fitbit Alta right now at everyone's favorite bargain marketplace, Groupon. For those who are after a FitBit Versa, prices have been slashed to under $145 at Amazon! Hurry...

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker | $99.95 $64.99 at Groupon
Fitbit's cheapest and smallest offering is the Alta fitness tracker. It can track steps, distance and calories, and it can monitor your sleep, and notify you to move. It also comes in five different colors...View Deal

Fitbit Inspire HR | $99.95 $95 at Amazon
The Fitbit Inspire HR is a step-up model of the Alta. It's slightly thicker and has more features such as the ability to track heart rate all day every day. It's also waterproof so can record water-workouts and it has a five day battery life. Our favorite feature? You can receive call, text and calendar alerts through it.View Deal

Fitbit Charge 3 | $149.95 at Groupon
Available in just two colors, the Fitbit Charge 3 is a great option for those who want it all but aren't keen on wearing a chunky fitness tracker. What makes it different from the above models? Its battery life can last for up to seven days; it can automatically recognize the type of exercise you're doing; its clock face is customizable. Also, there's the added bonus of the female health tracker for some, and the guided breathing sessions. View Deal

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch | $159.95 $144.86
A slightly more affordable version of the Fitbit versa, the Lite version   can save you over $50 and since it features less buttons, it's a little easier to operate. What's the difference? While they look identical and are the same size, the Versa Lite cannot track floors climbed and swimming laps, it also can't store music, it doesn't work with Fitbit Pay and you won't be able to access on-screen workouts. Other than that, it's a steal.View Deal

Fitbit Versa | $199.95 at Groupon
The battery on the Fitbit Versa lasts a long four days. While it can track your calories, steps, heart rate and more 24 hours of every day, we also love that you can see workouts on its screen (byeee expensive gym membership). Also, it's available in a huge range of colors.View Deal

Fitbit Ionic Watch | $269.95 $229.95 at Groupon
The beast of Fitbits, the Ionic watch, simply put, has it all. Its screen size spans 1.15in while it can track just about everything possible to do with your body. It can store and play up to 300 of your favorite songs, you can use it to pay if you don't want to bring a wallet out and it's water resistant up to 50 meters. Oh, and did we mention that it notifies you with updates from social networking apps such as Twitter?