Best Christmas tree bags – how to store your tree until next year

Christmas tree bags are the easiest way to keep your artificial tree looking at it's best year after year – here are our top picks

Best Christmas tree bags
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Finding the best Christmas tree bag is a bit of a boring task because let's face it... we're all big fans of putting our trees up but taking them down isn't so fun. So, not to worry, we've put in the legwork for you and found the best and most affordable Christmas tree bags on the market. Gone are the days of chucking your artificial Christmas tree into the attic and praying it won't get damaged. Pop it in a bag, zip it up and enjoy the big reveal next festive season. Oh, and these handy bags can also double up as weekend holdalls, sports equipment storage and gardening storage bags. 

Keep scrolling to check out the best buys on the market and snatch up your Christmas tree bag before the new year. Whether you're looking for a model on wheels or one that'll keep your tree upright, we've got you covered. C'mon, you know that battered box it came in decades ago needs binning...

1. The best waterproof Christmas tree bag 

Amazon waterproof christmas tree bag

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2. The best cheap Christmas tree bag 

Amazon green christmas tree storage bag

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3. The best Christmas tree bag on wheels 

Amazon christmas tree bag on wheels

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4. The best upright Christmas tree bag 

Amazon upright christmas tree storage bag

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