Save £40 on our top rated video doorbell

Enhance your home security – and make a saving – on our top-rated video doorbell

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Video doorbells – or smart doorbells, as they're also known – are among some of the most sought after items of smart home tech currently available on the market. This is thanks to their ability to drastically enhance home security, with limited effort required on the part of the homeowner.

So, we were elated to see that John Lewis & Partners are offering an incredible £40 off our top-rated video doorbell – the Nest Hello Video Doorbell – as part of their pre-Amazon Prime Day deals. Ding. Dong. As Gok Wan might – quite fittingly – say.

We'll talk you through the perks of video doorbells, and this model in particular, below, so you can decide whether this is an investment that's really worth your while. Then, we'd recommend hopping over to our Prime Day hub page, as we're working through all the best deals, so you don't have to.

Nest Hello Video Doorbell | Was £229 now £189 | Save £40

Monitor home security – and keep an eye on who's at the door – with our top-rated video doorbell. Now available with an impressive £40 off and two year guarantee at John Lewis & Partners.

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Why should you buy the Nest Hello Video Doorbell?

So, what's so special about a video doorbell, anyway? Well, as mentioned, they're popular because they are a simple way to improve your home's security.

Whether you're concerned about an elderly or vulnerable relative letting strangers into the house and want to be that extra pair of eyes; you panic about home security while on holiday; or you find the prospect of opening the door at night unnerving, this handy device makes it possible to see who's at the door. Thanks to a handy night vision camera it does this both day or night – directly from your smartphone.

Plus, it's perfect for co-ordinating parcel deliveries with the post man when you're away from home, or deciding whether it's worth getting out of bed to answer the door when you're feeling lazy on a Sunday morning.

Still not sure? We've written a whole guide answering the question: do you really need a video doorbell?

nest hello video doorbell smartphone interface

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Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Our top rated video doorbell, the Nest Hello offers everything you need in your next smart doorbell (and more). Here's all you need to know:

Stylish design

Boasting a slim and neat design, this smart doorbell will fit right on to your doorframe, ensuring it does the job without ruining the aesthetics of your entrance.

Wide angle perspective

Providing an impressive 160 degree view of your front door, it's easy to see who's directly outside and around your property, without having to open your front door. 

Voice communication

Communicate, verbally, with visitors to your home, thanks to handy two way audio. This is perfect if you're co-ordinating deliveries with your postman – from work, a holiday, or elsewhere – or want to let a visitor know that you're five minutes away from home.

Facial recognition

If you're really concerned about security, it's also possible to set up facial recognition. Perfect for the elderly, or those who find the prospect of strangers at the door, unnerving, this model can inform you when regular visitors are at the door, for peace of mind. 

Easy to use

Connecting this video doorbell to a smart phone app is easy, so tech-novices needn't be put off by a complex set-up system.

Factors worth considering

Unlike some smart doorbells, such as Ring Video Doorbell 2, Nest Hello does need to be wired in, which may be an inconvenience for some and especially those who rent their homes. But, in the long-term, at least you'll never have to change the batteries. 

It's also worth noting that you will have to pay for add-ons such as facial recognition, but without them the product still becomes quickly indispensable.

Nest Hello Video Doorbell | was £229, now £189 | save £40

Monitor home security – and keep an eye on who's at the door – with our top rated video doorbell. Now available with an impressive £40 and two year guarantee at John Lewis & Partners.

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