This robot vacuum mop cuts my chores in half and it has £150 off for Prime Day

It even charges itself and empties its own bin!

Proscenic M8 Pro robot vacuum mop on rug in Annie's living room
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You heard it here first: you can currently buy a top-rated robot vacuum mop from Amazon, in their Prime Early Access Sale, for just less than £350. The Proscenic M8 Pro (opens in new tab) is absolutely brilliant when it comes to cutting your chores in half. In fact, it means I need to only vacuum my house once a week – if that. And with two pets in tow and laminate floors that show every speck of dust, that's pretty impressive, to say the least.

Usually almost £500, and for good reason, this robot vacuum mop combo offers the ultimate ease when it comes to cleaning your floors. For me personally, it has stopped the neverending squabbles about whose turn it is to vacuum and mop. Instead, we schedule it to come out three times a week, to clean our living room, kitchen and hallway, and then it whizzes its way back to charge and empty its bin, ready for next time. Genius!

At its cheapest price before Black Friday and ultimately ahead of Christmas, if you have the money to spare then this is a purchase you definitely won't regret. I didn't and I don't think I ever will look back...

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Proscenic M8 Pro | £499 (opens in new tab)

Proscenic M8 Pro | £499 £349.30 (save £149.70) at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Currently at the cheapest price we've seen, this genius buy is brilliant for everyone. It's ideal for flat owners but equally as great for anyone with a larger home, to help with chores. It's perfect for pet owners as it cleans hair with ease, whilst it's great for parents to help collect the neverending trail of crumbs the kids leave behind. You can even programme it to clean up just after dinner, around the high chair only! And you can make it avoid certain places such as around the dog's bowl...

How I use the Proscenic M8 Pro...

Proscenic M8 Pro on charging station

Proscenic M8 Pro on charging station

(Image credit: Future)

You can read my review of the Proscenic M8 Pro, but for an overview just know that it took me some time to come to a good cleaning schedule. Now, I use it to clean my house three times a week. It comes out on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at one o'clock in the afternoon. I'm usually out of the house at this time which makes it easier for me, so long as I remember to pick up the dog toys splayed around the living room. Otherwise, it will just make its way around them instead. 

So, after each use, I always remember to refill the vacuum tank with water and a dash of detergent, and then I wash and rinse out the pad, replacing it if necessary as two pads came in the box. This means it's ready to go on its next ride. I've been using it for around six months now, and I've never had to empty the vacuum bin's bag. Ever!

You can also use this vacuum to clean up spillages as you can go on the app and target a specific place to deep clean, however that's what I use my stick vacuum for. This robot vacuum mop acts as more of a helping hand in between the week when I just cannot be bothered to whip out the vacuum and mop after work. And honestly: it has cut the amount of time I spend cleaning my two-bedroom flat in half, or if not more. 

Everything you need to know about the Proscenic M8 Pro

  • Battery run time: 200 mins
  • Charge time: 5 hours 30 mins
  • Number of settings: 5
  • Bin capacity: 280ml
  • Water tank capacity: 300ml
  • Bagged or bagless: Bagged - can last for up to 90 days
  • Suction power: 3000 Pa
  • Weight: 6.7 kg
Proscenic M8 Pro | £499 (opens in new tab)

Proscenic M8 Pro | £499 £349.30 (save £149.70) at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Buy it now or regret it later.

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