Survey reveals the type of home most likely to get burgled

Is your home's safety always in the back of your mind? We reveal burglars' most likely targets and how to prevent them

semi-detached houses in a suburban area
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Whether our houses are big or small, whether we're homeowners or renters, one thing that fills us all with fear and dread is burglary. Of course, we can take all security measures possible, but as with anything, knowledge is power. So, if you knew your house was just the type that burglars are likely to target, wouldn't you want to be extra cautious about home security? has revealed the key characteristics of the most burgled properties in England and Wales, and we thought them worth sharing. The analysis of recent ONS data found that:

  • 61 per cent of burglaries take place between 6am–6pm, and 70 per cent of these were committed during the week
  • The most burgled property type is a semi-detached house, in a suburban area (36 per cent)
  • The type of person mostly targeted was males aged between 45–54, who work in a managerial/professional role 
  • 63 per cent of properties burgled in the year ending March 2018 had no or less than basic home security

Whether – or not – you’re a 45 year old professional male in a suburban semi-detached, you can lower your chances of being burgled by investing in good home security. And, with our homes ever-increasingly connected, and us able to control not just heating, lighting and music from our phones, but security systems, too, it should be easier than ever to get to grips with managing home security, affordably, too. 

Where to start? Smart lighting makes burglars think we could be in, smart doorbells allow us to see who's at the door before we answer, and video cameras allow us to see our homes from anywhere in the world. But that's just the tip of the iceberg, and if you're not quite ready to embrace smart security, suggests the following basics for protecting your home:

  • Invest in a good alarm system. Even if this doesn't deter the burglar, it will at least inform you, neighbours and/or an authority to help as quickly as possible. 
  • Leave a light on in at least one room of the house whenever you’re not there or when everyone in the house will be asleep. 
  • Ensure that your door, window, and other locks are in working order at all times and are locked when you're out of the house or sleeping.
  • Keep keys and access points hidden – a burglar who can see an opportunity is more likely to act on it.

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