This NEW video doorbell is a world first, showing you more of who's at the door

Arlo launches the first 'full picture' video doorbell that lets you see 25% more of what's at your door

video doorbell by arlo
(Image credit: Arlo)

We've talked a lot about the best video doorbells and their ability to instantly enhance home security, as well as making the process of navigating deliveries significantly easier for those shielding.

So, we were excited to hear about the launch of a new model from Arlo, which makes a welcome addition thanks to its unique square viewing angle. This gives you the bigger picture and allows you to see who is at your door from head to toe.

With 74% of burglaries taking place through the front door and the number of parcel thefts increasing by a quarter year on year, there is a growing need to increase security at this vulnerable area of a property. The Arlo Video Doorbell introduces a simple and effective solution, built using innovative technology designed to protect against these potential risks and ensure that every homeowner feels safe and confident opening their door.

Discover everything it has to offer, below. Then check out more of our tips on home security.

Arlo Video Doorbell | Pre-order for £179.99 at Amazon
Set to be released at the beginning of July, the Arlo Video Doorbell offers users 1:1 aspect viewing ratio which delivers a unique, mobile optimised, square viewing angle that allows users to see up to 25% more of their doorstep.View Deal

So, what does this new video doorbell from Arlo offer that other video doorbells don't? Here are some of our favourite features:

See more of who’s at your door

The Arlo Video doorbell is the only doorbell to use a 1:1 aspect viewing ratio which delivers a unique, mobile optimised, square viewing angle that allows users to see up to 25% more of their doorstep.

Capturing a person from head to toe and even parcels on the ground, the Arlo Video Doorbell ensures you have a full picture of who is at the door – streamed directly to your smartphone.

180 degree video capturing

With a 180 degree video capturing angle, HD video recording and night vision you can always clearly see exactly who or what is approaching your property – night or day.

Secure once installed

Built to withstand all the elements the doorbell is secure once installed, with power interruption detection and a siren which can be triggered should someone attempt to remove the doorbell. 

The fastest way to answer your door 

As well as sending you notifications if motion is detected in the doorbell’s field-of-view, Arlo calls your phone directly via SIP calling when someone presses the bell. The only video doorbell to alert you this way, there’s no need to wait for an app to open, simply swipe to answer. This is great news if you're shielding and relying on deliveries of food and other essentials.

Advanced detection with SMART 

For complete front door protection, the new Arlo Video Doorbell can be paired with an Arlo SMART subscription for as little as 30p a day to unlock advanced security features. Arlo SMART uses powerful AI to enhance the doorbells detection capabilities allowing it to specifically identify and differentiate between people, vehicles, animals and packages so you know instantly if there is a real risk.

For more information on the full range of Arlo Smart Home products and services, visit Arlo.

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