Nespresso Christmas pods 2019: what's inside Nespresso's advent calendar?

What are the Nespresso Christmas pods inside their advent calendar this year? Warning: this will make you want one

Nespresso Christmas pods: Advent calendar 2019
(Image credit: Nespresso)

Are you ready for the Nespresso Christmas pods 2019? Cor, do Nespresso know how to make an enticing Christmas coffee selection. And their coffee machines are really pretty good, with several making it into our list of the best coffee machines money can buy. So, even if you're tired of George Clooney looking soulfully into your eyes on the telly saying, 'Nespresso, what else?', these guys have earned their place in the pantheon of good coffee.

And while the coffee machines are well worth waiting to get in the Black Friday sales at the end of November, we wouldn't wait too long to snap up the limited edition advent calendar. 

The Nespresso advent calendar takes up a Nordic theme and is inspired, it seems, by sweet Scandinavian delicacies – do we detect the influence of Bake Off here, perhaps? So, without much further ado, here are the flavours you'll be getting in the Nespresso Advent calendar 2019: 

  • Nordic Black – an aromatic African and South American Arabica blend;
  • Nordic Cloudberry – a delicate, tart taste of cloudberries, native to Scandinavian countries;
  • Nordic Almond Cake – a combination of biscuit and vanilla aromas, with a Livanto base;
  • Nordic Cinnamon Swirl – a medium intensity of Half Caffeinato blend, with notes of brioche dough and cinnamon;
  • Vanilla Princess Cake – an indulgent creamy vanilla taste with marzipan sweetness and a subtle hint of raspberry.

Nespresso advent calendar 2019

(Image credit: Nespresso)

We'll let those delicious descriptions sit with you for a minute – before you go and buy the Nespresso Advent Calendar (opens in new tab) on their website, for £25. 

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