Just £24.99 for a mini exercise bike? YES! Get fit for less at home

Buy this mini exercise bike to strengthen and tone at home. It's affordable, makes a great makeshift option while the gym is shut and it can be delivered fast...

Mini exercise bike: Aidapt Pedal Exerciser with Real Deal logo
(Image credit: Superdrug)

Superdrug sells gym equipment online! And when we saw this exercise bike online for just £24.99 – it's actually a mini pedal exerciser – we just had to shout about it. This is our perfect idea of a quick-fix to keep your heart racing and your legs working from home, while gyms are closed – and ideal if you can't get hold of one of our best exercise bikes quickly enough. You'll definitely use it on the weekends after lockdown is lifted, too – saves going all the way to the gym, eh?

The Aidapt Pedal Exerciser is compact, robust and a great helping hand when it comes to improving circulation and muscle strength. It can be used in three ways – sat on a chair, laying down or on a table to workout your arms. It features a digital counter to measure calories burned, time, revolutions and strides per minute. Resistance can be adjusted, too! It offers everything you want from an exercise bike – minus the usually uncomfortable seat – all at a super affordable price. 

The best part? If you buy from Superdrug now, it can be delivered in five to seven days time! What are you waiting for? Find more of the best gym equipment in our buyer's guide.

Aidapt Pedal Exerciser | £24.99 at Superdrug
Not only can this makeshift exercise bike offer a sweaty workout, but it sits at the perfect budget-friendly price. And, you don't need to make space for it: it can be folded away and popped in a cupboard after use. You just need a comfortable chair or you can use it laying down. Perfect!View Deal

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