Joe Wicks' PE lessons have started! Here's how you (and your kids) can get involved

Joe Wicks has launched daily Youtube Live workouts so we can all stay fit and sane while social distancing

Jo Wicks The Body Coach
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How do you keep yourself and your family fit while self-isolating or social distancing? A question we too have been asking ourselves. So far we have tried 'office' yoga (like a video meeting but you are in workout gear and lying on the floor, very professional), an indoor run and doing star jumps for a whole episode of Love is Blind. While all of these have actually been quite successful, we were very excited to see another thing to add to the list – Joe Wicks' daily PE lessons on Youtube Live.

What a fab idea! Each day at 9am the Joe a.k.a. The Body Coach will be starting a Youtube Live video that will be giving PE lessons to both kids and adults. The first one has already been a massive success with 800,000 tuning in to get some exercise and even though it's live it will remain up on the channel so you can do it whenever suits you and your family.

Keep scrolling to start the workout and find out how does Youtube Live work so you can start joining each morning. And for loads more at home workout ideas head to our best home gym equipment buyer's guide if you're feeling REALLY motivated.

The workouts are designed for kids since now they aren't at school, making sure they still keep up with PE lessons is really important. Plus the more exercise they do the less crazy they will be, the better they will sleep, the less they will annoy the heck out of you. 

BUT of course, adults can do them too. In fact, we gave it a go this morning and worked up a proper sweat THERE ARE JUMP SQUATS IN THERE! You don't need much space and no equipment either so you literally just have to press play and get started. 

Note from Ed: I asked my husband to set it up on the TV so that my youngest child could do it (age 13). Came down to find them both in PJs, him doing star jumps, her slouched on the sofa with her phone in hand, watching him with a look of withering contempt. Maybe day two boredom will kick in and she'll join. I'm going to have to make PE compulsory if not.

How does Youtube Live work?

So how can you join in Joe Wicks' live workouts every morning? It's really easy, all you have to do is go to The Body Coach TV on YouTube at around 8:55am every morning and then simply join the workout when it goes live at 9am. If you have a smart TV or a streaming device you can watch it on that through the Youtube App. 

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