Is it a vacuum cleaner? Is it a mop? It's both so add it to your shopping list now

This vacuum mop combo will get your floors clean in to time and is a great purchase for those who are short of storage space...

Roidmi X20 vacuum cleaner
(Image credit: Roidmi)

Is it a vacuum? Is it a mop? It's your next big purchase this weekend. The Roidmi X20 vacuum mop is – simply enough – a 2-in-1 appliance that can simultaneously vacuum and mop your hard floors. Already sold? We thought you would be.

This handy appliance is a great buy for those after the best vacuum cleaner and mop but have little storage space: it's the size of a small stick vacuum. Even better? It can save you up to 50 per cent less time when it comes to cleaning your floors. 

It's also definitely not the worst looking vacuum you could buy. Practicality meets style, we think. Keep scrolling for more info on this vacuum-meets-mop currently sold at Amazon.

Roidmi X20 specs:
Weight: 2.6 kg
Power: 145 AW
Noise: 83 dB
Modes: 3

Who would the Roidmi X20 suit?
Anyone who has lots of hard flooring and hates the time-consuming job of vacuuming and mopping it. It can simultaneously vacuum and mop floors to save you both time and effort. Also, for those who live in a small home with limited storage space, this appliance will save you needing to find room for both, and it can be wall-mounted to save precious floor space. Since this appliance weighs just 2.6kg, it's also an ideal buy for those who are less able as it gets two jobs done in one, and it's easy to carry upstairs.

How does the Roidmi X20 work?
Much like your average stick vacuum cleaner, the Roidmi X20 features a brush on the front of its head which spins fast to pick up dust and debris from your floor. Behind this head, there's a soft mop brush. These work together so that once a section of your flooring is vacuumed, it is then mopped straight away to save you the job of walking around your home twice.

What about handheld cleaning?
It's true: the Roidmi X20 can also convert into a handheld vacuum for cleaning stairs, upholstery and tight spaces. It also comes with a special attachment to clean your mattress (more on that below).

Roidmi X20 vacuum cleaner

(Image credit: Roidmi)

Connecting the Roidmi X20 vacuum cleaner to your smartphone
This vacuum-come-mop can be synced to your smartphone so you can view its battery life, battery health, dust capacity level and filter condition. The best part? It even tells you how many calories you've burned while cleaning! Cancel our gym memberships now!

What about charging?
The Roidmi X20 is cordless and can be charged magnetically by touching it against the wall-mounted charger that comes with it. Once fully charged, it has a battery life spanning a long 65 minutes.

What comes in the box?
In the box, you can find the Roidmi X20 vacuum (obvs), but also: a wet cleaning accessory; a wireless magnetic wall mount; a HEPA filter; power adapter; a flex extension hose and more. In terms of attachments, there's a cleaning head, mattress brush, multifunction crevice tool, soft roller, carbon filter roller, metal connecting rod and a cleaning tool included. What more could you need?

How much is the Roidmi X20?
Right now, the Roidmi X20 costs £449 at Amazon. Keep an eye on this price over the next few weeks as you could bag it for a bargain price on the 29th November.