Fitbit setup: how get your new fitness working so you can start exercising

Got a Fitbit for Christmas? With these Fitbit setup tips, you'll be ready to start working towards your fitness goals in no time

Fitbit setup tips
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Want quick, easy Fitbit setup tips to get your brand new device up and running in no time? The good news is that Fitbits are very easy to set up, and most people don't encounter any problems. Don't worry too much about looking for specific setup instructions for different Fitbit models, either: the setup and installation is basically the same for all of them. 

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1. Make sure your Fitbit is charged

If your Fitbit is not switching on after you've bought it, it will need charging. Plug it in and leave it to charge for between half an hour to an hour. You don't have to have it fully charged before you start setting up, just enough for it to switch on.

2. Download the Fitbit app

The Fitbit app can be downloaded onto your phone, tablet, or even onto your desktop if you prefer. It will work on Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS. 

3. Pair up your Fitbit with your device

Pairing up your Fitbit with your chosen device is easy: just make sure that your phone/tablet has Bluetooth enabled. Once you've switched on your Bluetooth, you'll see the Fitbit in the list of devices available for pairing. Click on it; you will then be sent a unique four-digit code to complete the pairup. Once this is done, our device should always be able to find your Fitbit whenever it's switched on.

4. Complete your profile in the app

Next, enter your details into the form in the app. It will ask you things about your weight, height, and gender, and will then ask what you current goal is (choose from options such as losing weight or sleeping better). The app will now store data from your Fitbit that will help you track your journey to your chosen goal. You can change your goal at any point simply by going into the settings section of the app.