This Editor-approved dumbbell set is on sale at Amazon

According to our U.S. Shopping Editor: this dumbbell set will tone, firm, and sculpt muscles.

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I'll be honest: I've been on the hunt for a dumbbell set long before the pandemic. As a former collegiate athlete, I've always found that the best way to unwind from a long (stressful) day at work is by doing something positive, and a workout usually fits the best. 

Nevertheless, as someone who was privy to working long hectic, I rarely had time to have a gym membership, let alone go work out at the gym. Meaning, I needed to invest in the best home gym equipment, with the best dumbbells ranking first on my list. 

I test-and-trialed dozens on the market — from adjustable ones to stainless steel versions — and while all were good, now one pair was great, and I was looking for just that. And, after months (and months) of trial-and-error, I eventually found this set from Amazon. 

The Portzon Neoprene Dumbbells checked all my boxes: they came in a two-piece set — with one for each hand — as well as offered a variety of weights (ranging from one to ten pounds), and were non-slip; meaning you weren't going to experience any "accidents" when using them.

dumbbell set on sale at amazon

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Plus, the unique HEX shape was ideal for someone living in a smaller NYC apartment and needed to stack them when not in use. I could easily store them under any table or console and do so without fear that they will roll on out at any point (remember: they're non-slip!). And, the most favorable aspect of this pair was just how versatile these dumbbells were.  

As someone who likes to switch their routine up, I never want to do the same thing every day, let alone for more than 10-minutes; here, this choice offered full range and supreme control. 

The high-quality cast iron provided durability, toughness, and stability, regardless if I was doing a tricep kickback or bent-over row. I could mix-and-match the exercises as many times as I wanted to and do so without fear of any incidentals or accidents. And, want to know something else? 

Right now, for a limited time, you can score this dumbbell set on sale during Amazon Prime Day's epic two-day sale. 

Meaning, if you are looking to sculpt, tone, and firm everything from your triceps, shoulders, and arms, now is the time. 

I recommend running, not walking, to your nearest computer and adding these Editor-approved dumbbells to your shopping carts. It's the investment that's worth making. 

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Brittany Romano
Brittany Romano

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