Don't miss this Aldi Specialbuy – a robot mop at a seriously affordable price

Hate housework? Good news! Aldi are now selling a robot mop for just £159.99

aldi robot mop
(Image credit: Aldi)

Hate housework? Even for those of us who love cleaning, there's only a very, very, small percentage of people who get any pleasure in mopping floors. And while hardwood, concrete and tile flooring are super popular options in contemporary homes, each of these floor types call for regular mopping in order to maintain their condition. That herringbone flooring a little less appealing now? You bet. 

But, what if we told you that you can have the best of both worlds? Super stylish flooring and a life free of mopping? Well, good news, because Aldi are selling a super affordable robot mop!

We've spotted the Medion Robot Mop at Aldi for just £159.99. That's a fraction of the price of similar models on the market and a pretty small price to pay for laying down your mop for good. 

Call us lazy but we love the idea of tag-teaming this robot mop with one of the best robot vacuums to drastically cut down on chores and make housework easier and more efficient than ever. Simply set your robot mop to clean during the day, and return home to perfectly clean floors, no elbow grease required. Bliss? We think so.

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