Attention! Aldi are selling a robot mop at a seriously good price

Tired of deep cleaning your home? Well lucky for you Aldi is here with a robot mop for just £159.99

aldi robot mop
(Image credit: Aldi)

Deep cleaning your house this week to ward off any nasties? We know it can get tiring and boring, even if you have the best playlist booming, so lucky for us all, some genius thought to invent robot mops. Even luckier for us, Aldi decided to start selling them for just £159.99! That's one of the cheapest we have seen.

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So you can order the  Medion Robot Mop at Aldi for just £159.99. That's a fraction of the price of similar models on the market and we think a small price to pay to never have to mop a floor yourself again.

Call us lazy but we think it's a fab idea to tag-team this robot mop with one of the best robot vacuums to make cleaning even easier and way less time-consuming. Simply set your robot mop to clean during the day, and return home to perfectly clean floors, no elbow grease required. Yes please.

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