App controlled smart robot vacuums can map your home and do the cleaning while you're out

The latest range of robot vacuum cleaners use the latest smart technology to work their way around your home while you're out and even work effectively in the dark

Miele Scout robot vacuum cleaner
(Image credit: Miele)

Many of us hate vacuuming, and that's a fact. According to a recent survey by Miele, 26 per cent of us hate it more than any other chore, so the demand for robot vacuum cleaners is on the up. 

But if you thought robot vacuum cleaners were a smart home fad, think again. The brand's new robot vacuum cleaner models, Scout RX2 and Scout RX Home Vision, pick up three time more dust than previous versions, thanks to the new four-stage cleaning mechanism referred to by Miele as 'Quattro Cleaning Power'. 

Here's the science: the first stage involves rotating brushes sweeping dirt underneath the unit, with side brushes fitted to articulated arms so as to reliably reach into corners.  Then, a beater bar brushes all coarse debris into the wide opening at the front as a strong stream of air sucks any remaining fine dust through a second, narrower opening. The fourth stage utilises a brushless motor boasting high suction power.

What else? New robot vacuums are smart. They won't bump into and damage your furniture, designed to retract their brushes if an obstacle is encountered. The vacuums have built-in infrared sensors that mean they won't tumble down the stairs and can move around in complete darkness. They can also be set to work remotely via an app, and you can even monitor their progress through your house with the Home Mapping function of the app, which identifies areas that require the most cleaning. 

Get one and you may never need to pick up a traditional vacuum again.