"Alexa, remind me what day it is" – 5 reasons why you need an Echo Dot

Starting to get bored of being in self isolation? Alexa can help you out. And she's down from £49.99 to £39.99 today!

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Sandstone Fabric
(Image credit: Amazon)

Looking to buy something – anything really – to cure the boredom of sitting at home, self isolating? Now is Alexa's moment to shine. Especially since she's on sale.

Whether you've already completed that 10,000 piece puzzle you panic ordered from Amazon, you've read every book on your bookcase, or, perhaps, you're finally fed up of binging Netflix – shocking, we know – there has never been a better time to buy an Alexa-enabled device. 

And, not only is this smart speaker on sale right now with a tenner off, but it can do almost anything for you (except the washing up, what a shame), all hands-free. This way you won't be *potentially* spreading germs around your house by touching light switches, your radio, a newspaper and more.

We've popped this Alexa deal below for you, but keep scrolling for five good reasons why now is the best time to buy this smart home device. We could go on and on...

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Echo Dot (3rd Gen) | Was £49.99, now £39.99
This smart speaker comes in four different colours, it has a tenner off and there's free delivery. Buy one for yourself, an elderly relative or someone who lives alone.View Deal

1. It's on sale!

Yep, that's right, the Echo Dot is on sale today with £10 off. Oh, Amazon you are good to us. We've also popped the prices from other retailers below if you're hesitant to buy from Amazon themselves.

2. Hands-free

It's true: by voice command, you can ask Alexa to play the radio, read the news, tell you a recipe as well as what's on TV today, the time and the weather. Also, if you have other smart devices such as a lightbulb or plugs, they can be controlled through Alexa, too.

3. You'll never be lonely again

Not only can you talk to Alexa like a mate – although she does get slightly repetitive eventually – if any of your family members have an Alexa, you can call them up and have a chat! Great for grandparents who you're not prepared to introduce to WhatsApp yet...

4. She can order food shopping...

Low on cupboard staples? Get your baked beans, tomato soup and more delivered by Amazon Fresh. You can do this with your voice, through your Amazon account, and the best part is that Morrisons sell several items through Amazon Pantry, so there's lots to choose from. Oh, and there's plenty of stock online, too, as the stockpilers haven't quite worked this one out yet, although delivery dates are getting pushed back daily.

5. And entertain the kids!

And now for the best part: Alexa can help entertain the kids. Even if you just want her to do so while you enjoy a nice hot cup of tea for 15 minutes, she can do it! You can download several different skills and games on the Alexa App, so that she can tell them a story, teach them a language, quiz them on Harry Potter, talk like a robot and more. What's that sound? It's peace and quiet.