Aldi trounces Wayfair with this stylish garden furniture

Aldi garden furniture is unbelievable this year – both in terms of price and styling. Take a look at this steal...

Aldi Garden furniture sofa and table set by Aldi
(Image credit: Aldi)

We've already highlighted this summer's unbelievably stylish Aldi garden furniture range... but discovering it has meant we've been drawn to trawl their website deeper for more amazing buys. 

And what was the first thing that caught our eye? This wooden sofa and table set (above) for just £279.99! In the interests of comparison, we had a look round some of our other favourite competitors to see what they were doing that was similar – and Wayfair's very lovely Kirsch corner sofa (below) isn't a million miles off... although it's priced at £1,029.99.

Now we're not great at maths, but even we know that's nearly four times the price. The question is, is the Wayfair piece four times more stylish, four times more comfortable and four times more likely to be durable? While we don't deny that the Wayfair sofa will be an investment buy you'd never regret, we can't help but feel the Aldi set is where the smart money lies, especially if you're on a budget.

Find out more about it below... unless that is, you've already clicked on the link above to buy. 

Garden lounge set

(Image credit: Wayfair)

The Aldi wooden sofa and table set is made from 100 per cent FSC Certified Acacia Mangium with 100 per cent polyester cushions. It's a tough customer, built with additional support from galvanised steel. The sofa measures 2.15m x 2.15m x 75cm, and the table is 63cm x 63cm x 33cm. There's a three-year warranty.