I’m obsessed with home fragrance and my favorite NEOM diffuser is 30% off for Prime Day

The ultimate luxury home buy, for less

Two essential oil diffusers with white ceramic covers with a pot plant and a slate painting of a cat.
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Besties, there’s nothing that I enjoy more than adding a few drops of my fave essential oil to one of my (many) essential oil diffusers and switching it on after a busy or stressful day. The moment that heavenly scent starts to pump out the top of the diffuser, I feel myself instantly relax.

So, when I saw that NEOM is offering 30% off this essential oil diffuser in the Amazon Prime Day sale, I knew I had to write about it. I mean, can you ever really have too many diffusers? If you’re looking to treat yourself to a li'l something in the sale I highly recommend that you opt for this as they rarely ever go on sale. 

If you’re living in a dorm, where you aren’t allowed naked flames, or you have pets who have a tendency to get too close to candles and singe their fur (true story) an essential oil diffuser is a great alternative home fragrance

And, TBH, it’s actually a much more economical buy than candles (in the long run, obvi). Essential oils, like this NEOM Scent to Sleep lavender essential oil that is my current go-to, last a hell of a lot longer than candles, and the scent tends to disperse better too. 

Prime Day Sale

Prime Day Sale
The Prime Day sale has landed for 2023, but the deals won't be live for long. Shop deals under $25, trending deals, and cute home buys, all discounted RN.

A white ceramic essential oil diffuser on a blue table with a house plant behind it.

(Image credit: Future / Beth Mahoney)
NEOM Wellbeing Pod | Was $100

NEOM Wellbeing Pod | Was $100, now $70 (save $30) at Amazon
For adding a flameless scent to your home, this ceramic essential oil diffuser is a great buy. It features four LED light settings and four mist settings, allowing you to control how much scent is pumped into your home. It's compact size makes it ideal for placing anywhere, from beside your bed to on your desk. 

Other NEOM essential oil diffusers in the Prime Day sale...

NEOM Wellbeing Pod Luxe | Was $130

NEOM Wellbeing Pod Luxe | Was $130, now $97.50 (save $32.50) at Amazon
This luxe-sized essential oil diffuser is a great option if you're looking for a diffuser with a larger tank. Featuring a chic ceramic cover with a pretty rose gold strip, this essential oil pod comes with four LED light settings and four mist settings, all of which can be controlled with its super handy remote control. If space isn't an issue, this pod is a great buy. 

NEOM Portable Wellbeing Pod | Was $66,

NEOM Portable Wellbeing Pod | Was $66, now $49.50 (save $20.50) at Amazon
This pretty pink-hued pod is designed to be portable, thanks to its compact, waterless design. Featuring USB charging, this mini essential oil diffuser can be used wherever you are without the need for water. For a portable pod that you can take anywhere, this comes highly recommended by our head ecommerce editor Annie. She uses hers to scent her windowless bathroom and says that guests are always commenting on it.

Of all my essential oil diffusers, this Wellbeing Pod from NEOM ( I have both the standard and the luxe version) is my favorite. Simply because it’s super easy to use —  you literally add water and a few drops of essential oil and it’s good to go. It’s seriously powerful when it comes to pumping out scent, with the option of a lower stream, should you want a more subtle fragrance. 

I like to keep one on my desk for days when the stresses and strains of work become too much, one by my bed to help me drift off into a more restful slumber, and one in my hallway to turn on before guests arrive (so that I can rid my home of any stale odors). 

Featuring a range of settings, including four LED light settings and four mist settings, this diffuser is super easy to set up and use. You can opt to set it to pump mist out continuously or to turn it off after one, two, or three hours. It also automatically cuts out when it runs out of water, should you forget to turn it off, which I will admit is something I've been guilty of on more than one occasion. 

Not sure how essential oil diffusers work? Check out our step-by-step guide to how to use an essential oil diffuser

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