5 Father's Day gifts for the grill master dad

The king of the barbecue deserves the best accessories

5 Father's Day gifts for the grill master dad
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The 4th of July is less than a month away, which means it won't be long until dad is breaking out the barbecue and showing his grill prowess, and that's if he hasn't already this year. The master of the grill deserves the best tools possible (and hopefully this will prevent him from burning the burgers this year, although we won't hold our breath on that front). 

Luckily, Father's Day is the perfect excuse to complete your dad's grill collection, and we've got the best Father's Day grill gifts in this roundup to help you find the perfect addition. From complete grill gear kits to pizza tools, keep reading to find our top picks. 

Father's Day gifts for grill master dads

BBQ 5-in-1 Spatula | $57.99 at Wayfair
This laser-engraved bamboo and stainless steel spatula works kind of like a pocket knife for the grill. It comes with a basting brush, fork, spatula, as well as bottle and wine openers, and it's designed just for dad.View Deal

Apron Tool Kit | $49.50 at Sur La Table
Get an apron, spatula and tong in this does-it-all BBQ kit, designed for easy storage and flawless flipping of burgers, sausages and grilled veggies. It even has a pocket for your phone. View Deal

Cuisinart CPS-445 3 Piece Pizza Grilling Pack | $49.99 at Amazon
Turn your grill into a pizza oven with this smart 3-piece pizza set from Cuisinart. It comes with a pizza stone, pizza reel and pizza cutter suitable for any size pizza. View Deal

Fire Sense Elite 13-Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set| $63.59 at Home Depot
This apron comes with pockets for the best grill accessories in the game, as well as skewers, tongs, spatulas and grill brushes. 

View Deal

Digital Food Cooking Thermometer | $14.97 at Home Depot
A digital cooking thermometer is the ideal way to stop overcooking or under-cooking your meat. It'll save any meat mishaps when grilling steak, chicken, and it'll tell you if your food it cooked through. View Deal

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