Wildflower seeds: mixes and Beebombs for a bee friendly garden

Choose wildflower seeds and Beebombs to help the bees and plant your own wildflower meadow

best wildflower seeds for a wildlife garden

Wildflower seeds are worth seeking out if you want to create a bee friendly garden. Wildflower meadows provide sustenance for the bees like no other ecosystems, and the more variety of flowers you can provide, the better. Which is where the quality of the seeds becomes very important; average quality seed will result in poor germination, and fewer flowers. So, choose from our pick of the very best. 

Then, find out more about creating a bee friendly garden; find out too how to create your own wildlife garden. Need more? Check out our sourcebook of top garden suppliers for your other gardening needs. 

What are the best wildflower seeds?

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We think the Bee Mat Seed carpet is the best wildflower seeds mix on the market: it's very easy to use, the quality of the seed is amazing, and the clever mixture of annuals, bi-annuals and perennial wildflower seeds make it an investment for future years. 

The best wildflower seeds

The best wildflower seeds: Bee mat seed carpet

(Image credit: Waitrose Garden)

1. Bee mat seed carpet

The best wildflower seeds you can buy

Reasons to buy

Very easy to sow
Mixture of perennials and annuals

This bee mat makes creating your own wildflower super easy: all you need to do is roll it out in your chosen area. The paper will biodegrade, and the fact that the mixture contains perennials and bi-annuals as well as annuals means you'll have more flowers next year. 

best wildflower seed mix native: Beebombs seed balls

(Image credit: Beebombs)

2. Beebombs native wildflower seedballs

Best native wildflower seeds

Reasons to buy

RHS approved
Native flowers

For those who like all their purchases eco-conscious, this is the perfect wildflower mix. The generous beebombs contain 18 species of native British wildflowers, all of them RHS approved as being 'perfect for pollinators'. The seedballs are handmade in Dorset and packed in eco-friendly sacks. Each pack will cover 21 square feet with wildflowers. 

the best wildflower seed mix for late summer: Bee Mix seedball

(Image credit: Bee Mix)

3. Bee Mix seedball

The best wildflower seeds for summer-long flowering

Reasons to buy

Include late-summer flowers
Better germination than with regular seed

These bee mix seedballs are perfect if you are particularly concerned about bees in late summer, when many flowers have finished flowering. Full of late summer varieties such as marjoram and red clover, these seedballs have been approved by the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. 

The best wildflower seed mix for window boxes

(Image credit: Bee Paradise)

4. Bee Paradise Seeds Mix

The best wildflower seed mix for window boxes

Reasons to buy

Especially suited for balconies and containers

This seed mix has been specifically mixed for window boxes and containers, which makes it perfect for those with smaller gardens or balconies.

FInd out mroe about container gardening for small spaces

the best wildflower seed mix for wildlife: Meadow Patch Wildlife Friendly Seeds

(Image credit: Friendly Seeds)

5. Meadow Patch Wildlife Friendly Seeds

The best wildflower seed mix for wildlife

Reasons to buy

Great mix for bees, butterflies, and birds
RHS approved

This clever mix will help you recreate an English hay meadow in your garden, and has been designed not only with bees, but also butterflies and native birds in mind. 

Get more tips on how to create a wildlife garden in our guide. 

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