The best high chairs

Take your little ones to great heights with our list of the best highchairs

Let’s face it: parents of babies and toddlers have enough things to worry about when it comes to dinner time – why should finding the right high chair be another? We’ve rounded up the best of the best high chairs in one place, giving you more time to brainstorm how best to get the spaghetti out of their hair, or that mysterious orange stain off the wall…

And, because no two of our little angels are the same, and neither are our requirements, each of the high chairs featured in our list has its own unique selling point. The best budget high chair? Right here. The best adaptable model, so you can convert a chair into a high chair at will? Check. The best portable high chair, for fuss-free feeding (well, sort of) on the road? Got it.

Of course, there are a few things you can do to help these chairs reach their full potential: don’t use on a raised or slippery surface, make sure baby is securely strapped in, and supervise at all times (although we’re sure it goes without saying that turning your back on a toddler at any time, let alone dinnertime, is a recipe for disaster.)

So, now that the basics are out of the way, it’s all about the details. Clever little extras for on-the-go parents, like flat-pack capabilities and removable legs; neat designs without nooks and crannies, minimising the need for crumb-hunting; and downright beautiful design that fits in with the furniture. 

Here's our buying guide to help you find the best high-chair for your style and budget...

1. Stokke Tripp Trapp

This investment piece will last for years, and become part of the furniture in the process

Best for: Growing with them
Dimensions: 46cm x 49cm x 79cm
Material: Beech
Reasons to buy
+ Longevity and adjustability + Beautiful, timeless design 
Reasons to avoid
- Extra accessories required 

It’s the classic factor that ultimately wins the Stokke Tripp Trapp its top spot on our list. It can adapt and grow with your child until they’re...well, not children anymore, earning it a permanent place at the family dinner table. The design is timeless (we’re especially taken with the natural beech finish), the real wood construction is sturdy, and the adjustable seat plate and foot disk are ingenious. 

2. IKEA Antilop

This budget IKEA high chair is a masterclass in value

Best for: Budgets
Dimensions: 58cm x 62cm x 90cm
Material: Steel, plastic
Reasons to buy
+ Phenomenal value + Easy to transport and store 
Reasons to avoid
- Flared legs take up space

A winner in the domestic and business spheres – restaurants also dig its fuss-free and functional design – the Antilop is undoubtedly the best value high chair on our list, and probably on the market, too. While safe, sturdy and comfortable, it’s also incredibly easy to dismantle, clean and store, just remove the legs. At this budget-friendly price point, you can even afford to keep a spare for visiting friends with babies or keeping at the grandparents’ house. 

3. OXO Tot Sprout

This good-looking high chair proves there’s no need to compromise on aesthetics

Best for: Form and function
Dimensions: 61.6cm x 48.3cm x 94cm
Material: Walnut
Reasons to buy
+ Great design + Adjust without special tools 
Reasons to avoid
- Ridged surface can be uncomfortable 

Stylish high chairs that also fit a more practical set of needs can be tough to come by, which is precisely what makes the OXO Tot Sprout such a delight. Design-conscious parents can rest easy with the inclusion of a 5-point safety harness, comfortable removable cushions, and tool-less adjustment, none of which compromise the Tot Sprout’s good looks. It also transforms into a youth chair for use up to five years, giving it real staying power. 

4. Mountain Buggy Pod Portable Highchair

This clip-on highchair is surprisingly sturdy and great for on-the-go

Best for: Portability
Dimensions: 73.7cm x 83.8cm X 48.3cm
Material: Aluminium
Reasons to buy
+ Lightweight flat-pack + Doesn’t take up space 
Reasons to avoid
- May not be a long-term solution 

A lightweight but reassuringly sturdy portable high chair, the Mountain Buggy Pod clips securely onto most table tops and fits snug to the edge. It takes up minimal space both in use and in transit, folding down flat to fit easily into larger handbags, backpacks or nappy bags. It also features a strong plastic insert in the base, letting baby feel snug and secure, as well as offering postural support. 

5. Nuna Zaaz

This adjustable chair may prove a perfect fit for years to come

Best for: All ages
Dimensions: 58cm x 45cm x 87cm
Material: Plastic
Reasons to buy
+ Pleasing design+ Easily adjustable 
Reasons to avoid
- Doesn’t fold away 

Another happy union of form and function, the Nuna Zaaz looks good and does good. The tray, arm bar and footrest can be adjusted in sync with your child’s development, taking them from the moment they can sit up, through toddlerhood, and even through to their pre-teens. The included air-foam cushion is super comfy, and the smooth, sleek, no-crevice design means crumbs and other dinnertime debris have nowhere to hide. 

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