Smart bedroom tech ideas: the best smart home tech to enhance your bedroom

Design a smart bedroom with the best smart home technology to help you sleep better – and more

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Wondering what a smart bedroom has to offer? Filling your home with smart gadgets can make your day-to-day routine easier and more efficient, but while there are lots of smart tech options for the living room, kitchen and general home, we don’t often think about the bedroom. 

There are many smart home tools on the market, though, that will help you climb into bed at night, monitor your sleep, and then wake up in the morning. Below, TechRadar's James Peckham talks you through some of the best gadgets you can use to kit out your bedroom. Check out James' whole house smart tech list, too.

Best smart alarm clock: Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Spot

(Image: © Amazon)

The Amazon Echo Spot isn’t your traditional alarm clock, but one of the most recent additions to the Amazon Echo speaker line up, and it’ll perfectly sit on your bedside table ready to wake you up in the morning.

You can use your voice to ask Alexa to set your alarms in the morning (see our Amazon Alexa review for more info) – and perhaps more importantly, snoozing the alarm too – plus there’s a bright, clear 2.5-inch display that gives you the time as well as handy messages and the weather for today.

It’s useful to wake up and immediately know what sort of weather is happening outside, so you can plan your outfit and journey to work appropriately. You can also use it to play music or audiobooks when you’re going to sleep, plus it has all of the other Amazon Alexa functionality from other smart speakers too.

You could order a pizza using your voice directly from your bed with the Domino’s app, or you could connect this up, so it can control other smart gadgets around your home. That means if you have Philips Hue lighting (see our review of the starter kit) in your bedroom you can snuggle up in bed and use your voice to turn them off when you’re ready to get to sleep.

You can’t currently use music to wake you up in the morning with the Echo Spot – something we hope Amazon will sort in the future - but you can set up to 100 alarms so it’s nice and easy to have this set-up on your bedside to wake you at different times on the weekend to your average work day.

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Dyson Hot + Cool

(Image: © Dyson)

Sleeping at night in the boiling heat is unbearable for most people, so we recommend getting a fan to help you out. Don’t just buy any fan though – this Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link will connect to your phone so you can control it without having to leave the bed.

If you’re on your commute home, you can use your iPhone or Android device to turn this fan on so you’ll know it’s cooled down your bedroom, plus there are lots of other features compared to your average fan. This can also heat up your room during the winter, so you don’t have to pack it away as soon as the weather gets cold.

Perhaps the best feature of this product, though, is that it’s also an air purifier, and it will intelligently remove 99.97 per cent of allergens and pollutants in your home’s air. That means if you have hay-fever or asthma, you can monitor the air quality and be sure there's a comfortable environment before you get home.

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Best smart scales: Nokia Body scale

Nokia body scales

(Image: © Nokia)

You may not think you need smart scales to monitor your weight, but they can offer some great benefits for tracking your overall health and can make the whole process of weigh-in day a touch easier.

Owning one of these means you don’t have to record your weight manually, as all the hard work is done by the scales. Once you’ve stepped on them, your weight and other data will be uploaded to the Nokia Health Mate app for you to look at.

Your whole family can be introduced to the scales and it’ll work out who is standing on them each time, plus the little display will then show you your weight, the trend of your weight (whether it’s gone up or down) as well as your BMI (and then it’ll show what the weather will be like today).

You can buy more expensive scales in the Nokia range and other choices from Fitbit and Garmin, but we don’t think the extra features are particularly useful enough to get so we’d recommend sticking with the Nokia Body.

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Best smart bedside table: Ikea Nordli bedside table

Ikea bedside table

(Image: © Ikea)

If you have any gadgets that charge wirelessly, you should consider picking up an Ikea Nordli bedside table as it will help you limit the amount of wires scattered over your bedside at night.

Phones such as the iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 and many more come with built-in compatible Qi wireless charging tech, meaning you can just place your phone down on the plus symbol on the top of the table and it’ll start pumping up the battery without you having to plug it in. If your phone doesn’t support Qi, some major models have wireless charging cases that you can use.

The technology isn’t particularly quick yet, but when you’re charging overnight and you don’t have to physically plug your phone into a cable it feels like you’re living in the future. Plus it’s an attractive looking bedside table that offers lots of space and is sure to fit in with your décor if you have other Ikea furniture too.

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Best sleep tracker: Nokia Sleep

(Image: © Nokia)

If you own a fitness tracker or smartwatch, you can usually use these devices to track the quality of your sleep. But if you don’t want an annoying gadget strapped to your wrist while you toss and turn, you can always opt for a different type of sleep tracker.

One of our favourites is the Nokia Sleep – this is a long thin pad that plugs into the wall for power and then slides underneath your mattress where you’d normally place your chest at night. As long as you sleep on top of it, the Nokia Sleep will be able to track your night’s quality including your heart rate throughout, when you’ve been in different levels of sleep (like REM or deep sleep) as well as how much you’ve been snoring.

All of that data is then pinged through Wi-Fi to your phone, and you’ll then be able to break down your night’s sleep within the Nokia Health Mate app that’s available for Android and iOS phones. It only works for one person in your bed, but being able to track your stats without an annoying fitness tracker on your wrist is a big benefit for some.

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