6 dorm space savers you need for your tiny double

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Heading off to college freshman year is super exciting but it does come with some drawbacks if you're living in the dorms. Being confined to a tiny double, (or triple!) with a roommate you're trying to get along with is a tough gig. 

Back home, you may have tons of storage space if you have your own room. But at college, you're gonna have to get used to sharing. You’ll have to learn how to be good at living in a more compact space. Wondering how? Take it from someone who’s been there (and still vividly remembers the horror at seeing just how tiny the dorms actually were), storage is gonna become your BFF. 

Trust me, the key to having an organized dorm and a happy roommate is investing in some dorm room space-saving storage solutions. To help you get started, I’ve rounded up a selection of picks that I personally couldn’t have lived without in college. 


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Best dorm room space savers

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