The best yoga mats

For sun salutations, inversions and more, say namaste to our list of the best yoga mats

There are almost as many types of people who enjoy yoga as there are poses — and trust us, that’s a lot. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that finding the best yoga mat can be a bit of a minefield. But fear not, because we’re here as your own personal gurus to help you find the yoga mat that’ll keep your warrior pose strong and your scorpion fearsome, whether you want to take your mat along to your favourite class to create a home gym in your own spare room; find the best home gym equipment picks in our buyer's guide.

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What to consider when choosing a yoga mat


For those with painful knees or sensitive feet, a mat with extra padding (think 5 or 6mm thickness) is a must for keeping comfortable through long practices. If you’re young and sprightly (you lucky thing) you can get away with anything from around 3mm thick.


PVC and rubber are common materials for yoga mats to be made from, and are what you’ll most often find hanging in the racks at the gym, and with good reason — they tend to provide excellent grip and a non-stick finish, so you won’t go flying out of crow pose, or slipping around while you’re channeling the cobra.

There are other options, however, if rubber doesn’t float your boat. You’ll also find a yoga-mat-meets-towel for the ultimate exercise in packing light, an absorbent option that’s perfect for sweaty hot yoga or other high-intensity classes; and a natural slubby linen option that looks elegant for yogis and yoginis alike.


Yogi-Bare 4mm Professional Studio Yoga Mat

1. Yogi-Bare 4mm Professional Studio Yoga Mat

A bare necessity for the beginner yoga enthusiast

Best for: Non-slip
Materials: Rubber and polyurethane
Mat thickness: 4mm
Dimensions: 180cm x 66cm
Reasons to buy
+ Very grippy + High-end feel for a reasonable price 
Reasons to avoid
- A little narrower than the average 

This non-slip, ultra-grip yoga mat is ideal for beginners trying out trickier poses, staying put no matter what you throw at it. This user-friendly feature is also what makes it great for hot yoga, making sure there are no sweaty palm-related incidents or potentially injurious slippage. At 4.2mm it’s thick enough not to irritate sensitive joints, but not so thick that it’ll hinder your flow. Great all round, if perhaps a little pricey for first-timers, however, it more than deserves our top spot as the best yoga mat you can buy.

2. Yoga Design Lab The Combo Mat

Stand out in the studio with one of these eye-catching mats

Best for: Design
Materials: Biodegradable tree rubber, microfibre
Mat thickness: 3.5mm
Dimensions: 178cm x 61cm
Reasons to buy
+ Good-looking range of designs + Mat and towel in one 
Reasons to avoid
- On the heavier side 

For funky yoginis, this is the statement-making mat to get. From on-trend aztec prints to pretty mandalas, ultra-cool geometric designs to calming sea scenes, there’s something for all tastes. Even better, it’s low-key functional, with its absorbent quick-dry construction acting as a mat and towel in one. After any particularly sweaty practice, just throw it in the washing machine. Pretty and practical. 

3. Jade Harmony Professional Mat

The best yoga mat for great grip

Best for: Grip
Materials: Rubber
Mat thickness: 6mm
Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm
Reasons to buy
+ Great grip + Eco-friendly policy 
Reasons to avoid
- Pricey 

With its open-cell rubber construction, this mat is the grippiest on our list, the best yoga mat if you often find yourself upside down or practicing challenging core-strengthening poses. While the solid colour design isn’t the most inspiring on our list, there’s a nice range of shades to choose from, and the performance speaks for itself. Good news for tree-huggers, too: for every one of these mats sold, Jade Harmony plants a tree. Everybody wins! 

4. Yoga Mad Warrior Plus (6mm)

Sensitive yoga enthusiasts are sure to love this super-squidgy mat

Best for: Cushioned comfort
Materials: PVC
Mat thickness: 6mm
Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm
Reasons to buy
+ Great for painful joints  + Very reasonable 
Reasons to avoid
- Doesn’t offer great grip 

Building on the success of the Warrior mat, the Warrior Plus from Yoga Mad is another great budget buy, this time focusing on those of us with injured, painful or sensitive joints. With an impressive thickness of 6mm, it packs extra cushioning for maximum comfort during practice. It isn’t the best non-slip offering though, so for hot yoga or tricky inversions, consider something with a slightly grippier surface. 

5. PrAna E.C.O Yoga Mat

Get your om on in the great outdoors with this weather-proof mat

Best for: Outdoors
Materials: Thermoplastic elastomer
Mat thickness: 5mm
Dimensions: 186cm x 61cm
Reasons to buy
+ Textured for great grip + Cushioned but lightweight 
Reasons to avoid
- Only two shades 

If you like to get back to nature by doing your practice out in the open, whether it’s as part of a group in the park or in the privacy of your own back garden, this is the best yoga mat for you. It’s durable and double-sided, and UV-treated to keep the colour from fading, with a lightweight construction that means you can take it anywhere. Plus, the textured thermoplastic keeps everything where it should be, including your hands and feet.

Boshiho Cork Yoga Mat

6. Boshiho Cork Yoga Mat

An eco-friendly mat for the earth-conscious yogi

Best for: Eco
Materials: Cork
Mat thickness: 5mm
Dimensions: 182.9cm x 61cm
Reasons to buy
+Eco friendly+Natural and toxic free+Lightweight and portable+Great for hot yoga
Reasons to avoid
-Some may find design too basic-Single sided

If you love doing yoga but love the environment even more, opt for this eco-friendly yoga mat to practice your poses on. Made from 100 per cent eco-friendly natural cork on the top and TPE material on the underside, it has great grip and is ideal for those who like doing hot yoga. It can be used indoors or out, it's lightweight and portable as it comes with a free yoga mat carrying strap and it's easy to clean and waterproof – what more could you want? This is our pick of the very best yoga mat you can buy if you're eco-conscious.

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