Best water bottles: 6 reusable bottles to keep you hydrated

Our pick of the best water bottles are ideal for outdoor exercises, home workouts or lengthy days in your home office

Best water bottles: 5 picks to keep you hydrated
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Looking for the best water bottle to help keep you hydrated at all times? Whether it's to ensure you have water on tap during your home workouts, if you need something compact to take with you on a run, if you want something to encourage you to drink more water throughout the day or if you're trying to be more eco-friendly – we have you covered.

We have rounded up six great picks to suit all different levels of hydration (and personal style) needs. All of these can be delivered right to your door, so there's no need to leave the house unnecessarily, and if you're after more motivation and ways to keep fit during this bizarre period, check out our guide to the best home gym equipment to get you moving. 

Chillys hot water bottle

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1. Chilly's Vacuum Insulated Leak-Proof Drinks Bottle

The best water bottle for both hot and cold drinks

Capacity: 500ml
Material : Stainless steel
Colours: 7
Suitable for hot drinks?: Yes
Dishwasher safe?: No
Reasons to buy
+Stylish design +Cold drinks stay cool for 24 hours+Hot drinks stay hot or 12 hours+Easy to clean 
Reasons to avoid
-Not dishwasher safe

Our top pick of the best water bottles is the Chilly's Vacuum Insulated Leak-Proof Drinks Bottle. If you haven't heard of this brand they are top of their game when it comes to water bottles. A lot of the Real Homes team have one (cute we know) and swear by them and them for keeping your drinks cold or even your coffee or tea warm. Cold drinks will stay icy for 24 hours! And your hot drinks will stay warm for 12 hours. Amazing. 

It's also totally leak proof and there are loads of different styles and colours too so you can pick one to suit your style, or match your workout gear. 

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Aladdin Active Hydration Tracker Water Bottle

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2. Aladdin Active Hydration Tracker Water Bottle

The best water bottle to encourage you to drink more water!

Capacity : 800ml
Material : Material BPA-free Tritan
Colours : Clear
Suitable for hot drinks?: No
Dishwasher safe?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Great for tracking how much water you drink+Large capacity +Dishwasher safe
Reasons to avoid
-Not the prettiest water bottle

If you are after the best water bottle to encourage you to drink more water or track how much water you are drinking, this is a great option. Down the side it shows how many millilitres you have drunk and, top tip, you can add times on with a permanent marker to ensure you are drinking consistently throughout the day. 

It's not the most stylish looking water bottle, but its really practical, totally leak-proof, stain, odour and shatter-resistant plus it's dishwasher safe. It's got a push-button lid which we think is the best option if you are using it while out running because you don't have to stop and unscrew a lid. 

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CamelBak Eddy Drinks Bottle

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3. CamelBak Eddy Drinks Bottle

A great leak-proof water bottle perfect for exercising

Capacity : 600ml
Material : BPA, BPS and BPF-free Tritan
Colours : Blue and grey
Suitable for hot drinks?: No
Dishwasher safe?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Really easy to drink from while exercising +Spill-proof+Dishwasher safe+You can buy  a new straw and top  
Reasons to avoid
-The valve can get dirty and is tricky to clean

Designed to be used when out walking, Camelbak water bottles are perfect for throwing in your bag or taking out with you when exercising.  They are totally leak proof so great for on the go and there is no tipping required so you can easily get  a drink while you are on a run. We personally like the bite valve design but we know it won't be for everyone, it  does take some getting used to and can be a bit of a faff to clean. You can buy replacement straws and valves though so rather than having to buy a whole new bottle you can just replace  those and it's good as new again. 

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Soma glass water bottle

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4. Soma Glass Drinks Bottle with Bamboo Lid

The best looking water bottle you can buy! Super stylish and compact

Capacity : 480ml
Colour: Pink or Grey
Material : Glass, silicone sleeve, bamboo lid
Suitable for hot drinks?: No
Dishwasher safe?: The bottle is but the cap is not
Reasons to buy
+Stylish design +Made from renewable sources 
Reasons to avoid
-Expensive for the size-Glass can smash

If you are after a super stylish water bottle to sit on your bedside table, this Somo bottle is the best looking water bottle we have ever seen! It's shatter-resistant glass too, so while you obviously can't go throwing it around, it will survive being dropped. The silicone sleeve means it easy to grip too and the size is perfect for putting in a handbag for when you are on the go. 

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Ultimate Performance Runners Bottle 580ml

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5. Ultimate Performance Runners Bottle

The best water bottle for running

Capacity : 580ml
Colours: Blue, Pink or Clear
Material : Plastic
Suitable for hot drinks?: No
Dishwasher safe?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Perfect to take running +Dishwasher safe+Doesn't leak
Reasons to avoid
-Not the best choice for smaller hands as some said the handle is hard to grip comfortably

Getting into running and after a water bottle you can take with you? This shape is perfect. You can hold it comfortably as you run,  it's not too bulky and easy to drink from quickly without getting it all over your face and top (we've all been there). There's an extra cap that stops any leaks so would also be fine to pop in your handbag or gym bag too and it's not going to spill. This water bottle is also really affordable too and has loads of raving reviews. 

  • Ultimate Performance Runners Bottle 

Brita water bottle

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6. BRITA Fill & Go Vital Water Filter Bottle

The best water bottle with a built-in filter

Capacity : 600ml
Colours: 4 choices
Material : Plastic
Suitable for hot drinks?: No
Dishwasher safe?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Instantly filtered water on the go+Great price
Reasons to avoid
-You have to replace the filters once a month

This reusable water bottle filters tap water as you drink so if you prefer to drink filtered water this would be the best water bottle for you. The lid has a MicroDisc that contains compressed natural carbon from coconut shells which reduces chlorine, organic impurities, hormones, pesticides, herbicides and microplastics but you still get all the key minerals you find in water. You will have to replace the disks but they last four weeks and are really cheap buy separately. The bottle itself is really easy to use, leak proof and dishwasher safe. 

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How to choose the best water bottle

Water bottles: Quick links

If you are after more options, have a browse through these top retailers to find the best water bottle for you:
John Lewis – loads of options for great brands
Amazon – fab budget-friendly picks
Sports Direct – plenty of styles to choose from here

The best water bottles on the market have different features depending on your requirements. Some can keep your drink cool for up to 24 hours, so are great for travelling and days out. Others are designed to be easy to drink while on the go, offering a pop up straw for quick sips. Then you might be looking for something that is ergonomically designed to fit your grip as your run – wrist straps and finger shaped moulding are the things to look for here. 

You should also think about the following:

Insulated water bottles

There are plenty of insulated water bottles to choose from. They are an upgrade from the chunky flasks we remember our dads filling before heading off on a hike, with a more streamlined design and bottle shaped to be drunk out of directly – no pouring into a little cup that then dribbles into your bag. Look for those which offer long term insulation as not only will they keep a drink ice cold for ages, they can also be used for hot drinks which will stay hot for up to 12 hours in most cases. 

Filter water bottles

If you hate the taste of tap water, these are perfect. They filter the water as you drink. Just fill up and go and you can enjoy fresh tasting water wherever you are. Remember that some will need the filter replacing at various intervals, so factor the filter cost in when you buy as it will be a cost you have to address every time you need a replacement.

Water bottle straws

A straw makes taking a swig much easier and means you aren't at risk of putting the cap down and losing it whenever you have a swig. However, if not cared for properly, these straws can get really gross. Find one that comes with good cleaning instructions or one that can be taken apart for cleaning. A small bottle brush and some sterilisation tablets will make it easier to keep your bottle and straw clean.

Is it leakproof?

We like bottles that promise to be leakproof so we can fling them in our bag and not worry about everything getting soaked. A good quality rubber seal is needed for this and you will need to make sure that is kept clean to ensure it works effectively. 

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