6 best floor steamers

We’ve put together a list of the best floor steamers and we’ve included a couple that double up as upholstery cleaners, too

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Cleaning your floor with a mop and bucket can be arduous, and the lingering chemical smell from a floor cleaner can be off-putting for some. For an efficient, chemical-free way to clean your floors, invest in the best floor steamer. 

While the initial outlay may seem a tad excessive to some, thanks to a long life and no need to purchase floor cleaner, they more than make up for it when it comes to money and time. Have a read of our guide to the best floor steamers, taking into account the kind of surfaces you’re cleaning. 

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Vax Steam Fresh Power Plus Steam Cleaner

1. Vax Steam Fresh Power Plus Steam Cleaner

The ideal all-rounder for convenient steam cleaning of different areas

Capacity: 0.3L
Cable length: 8m
Power: 1600W
Weight: 3.4kg
Reasons to buy
+Easy steam and detergent release controls+Comes with accessories

For use with or without detergent, Vax promises that this steam cleaner will do a fantastic job of quickly removing grease and grime. You can control how much detergent you use and how much steam it emits by using the fingertip controls. 

With a range of accessories, such as a carpet glider and a soft scrub brush included, this steam cleaner can be used on a range of surfaces, making it well worth the spend. In our opinion, this is the best floor steamer you can buy.

Karcher SC3 Steam Cleaner

2. Karcher SC3 Steam Cleaner

For a powerful mains powered steam cleaner, this Karcher is a good choice

Capacity: 1L
Cable length: 5m
Power: 1900W
Weight: 3.1kg
Reasons to buy
+No detergent required+Continuous steam

While the price may be that bit more than the Vax, for the additional outlay, you do get a bigger reservoir and more power. It’s bigger than our first pick and less convenient to handle, but it provides continuous steam and doesn’t require the use of detergent. The Karcher also comes with a range of attachments, allowing you to use it on all floor types, and your upholstery, too.  

Shark Klik N’ Flip Steam Pocket Mop

3. Shark Klik N’ Flip Steam Pocket Mop S6001UK

With its double sided dirt removal flip pads, this is great for particularly dirty areas

Capacity: 0.38L
Cable length: 8m
Power: 1050W
Weight: 7kg
Reasons to buy
+Economical two-sided cleaning pad+Great for high-traffic areas

Cheaper than our first two picks, this is one of the best floor steamers if you don’t mind the additional weight. Featuring a double sided pad that can absorb liquid and trap dirt, this Shark steam cleaner is great for cleaning particularly grubby floors. When one side of the mop head becomes dirty, you can flip it over to use the other side, ensuring that it efficiently cleans 99.9% of bacteria. 

Polti Vaporetto Pro 95 Steam Cleaner

4. Polti Vaporetto Pro 95 Steam Cleaner

It may be expensive, but for cleaning both regular and specialist areas, the additional outlay is worth it

Capacity: 1.3L
Cable length: 8m
Power: 1100W
Weight: 5.8kg
Reasons to buy
+Huge reservoir for continuous cleaning+Five-bar pressure output

There’s no denying that the cost of this steam cleaner is pretty steep, but thanks to a range of specialised features, it should do a great job of cleaning a huge range of surfaces. From its five bar pressure boiler and adjustable steam output to its huge reservoir and eco function for less consumption of water and electricity, this Vaporetto certainly offers more control when it comes to functionality.  

Bissell Vac and Steam

5. Bissell Vac and Steam

Vacuum and steam for the most efficient clean

Capacity: 4L
Cable length: 7.6m
Power: 1500W
Weight: 4.4kg
Reasons to buy
+Vacuum and steam functionality+Large capacity

With a huge capacity and plenty of power, this Bissel is certainly heavy duty. Add to that the fact that it also doubles up as a vacuum cleaner and you have yourself a handy buy. If you’re looking to trade in your current vacuum cleaner, be aware that this Bissell, as a steam cleaner first and foremost, won’t provide the same level of suction power. While large, expansive hard floor areas will certainly benefit, the suction power may not be efficient enough for carpets. 

Thane H20 HD Advanced Steam Mop

6. Thane H20 HD Advanced Steam Mop

The best floor steamer under £100

Capacity: 0.4L
Cable length: 6m
Power: 1500W
Weight: 3kg
Reasons to buy
+Foldable for easy storage+Great value

This Thane model is a direct contender to the Vax. While the tank is just that bit smaller and the power output is just that bit less, when it comes to cleaning, this Thane promises to be just as good. The device is foldable, easy to fill and comes with a range of accessories for cleaning a variety of surfaces. Yes, you have to wait three minutes instead of 20 seconds for the device to heat up, but if you can handle that, the £30 that you save may be worth it.