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Battery sprayers eliminate the need for manual pumping, giving accurate and consistent results by delivering the same amount of product from start to finish.

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Using a battery sprayer means that there is no need to pump manually before spraying. You just need to press a switch, and your product will come out. The sprayers come in a variety of sizes with a ton of different features to make every job a breeze. Whether you have pests to send packing, invasive weeds, or you just want to sanitize your entire home, give your finger a break by choosing an efficient, easy-to-use battery sprayer. Besides, you will get nice and even streams with very little product going to waste.

Staff pick

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105Ex effortless backpack sprayer

Reach higher and further

The 105EX has a 4-gallon tank capacity, and it’s powered by a commercial-grade 20-volt lithium-ion battery that sprays up to 23 tanks on a single charge. With the ability to spray up to 33 feet horizontally and 23 feet vertically, it's a perfect choice for large yards as well as commercial use. All electronic components are well covered to minimize the chances of water seeping in. The sprayer’s pump delivers a constant PSI of 40, so you can enjoy a very even and constant spraying experience.

Best backpack

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HUDSON NeverPump Bak-Pak sprayer

Compact with unmatched spraying power

Just like the name suggests, the Hudson NeverPump sprayer packs everything you could want in a sprayer, without the need to pump. The nozzle system supports stream, fan, dual mist, and shower spraying options to complete the job at hand. The straps have adjustable pads and come well-cushioned for maximum comfort and even weight distribution. A convenient power button sits on the side of the 4-gallon tank for smooth operation.


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YT25E battery sprayer

Lightweight and super portable

For light to medium spraying jobs, this two-gallon battery-powered sprayer will do. The 12-volt lithium-ion battery can spray up to 18 tanks on a single charge, while the pump delivers up to 30 PSI of pressure for broader coverage. You can opt to use it as a handheld sprayer or use the straps to carry it over your shoulder. The handle doubles up as a quick-snap wand holder for convenient storage and retrieval.

Perfectly contoured

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VIVOSUN backpack sprayer

Comes with different nozzles for various jobs

This sprayer is specially designed with perfect contours to mirror the shape of your back and padded straps for a snug fit. The housing is made from durable plastic, and a convenient window allows you to see the product level. A unique filtration system helps prevent foreign impurities from entering and blocking the spraying nozzle. Equipped with a 12-volt battery, this sprayer can be used for eight hours straight on a single full charge. It comes with four different nozzles for better product application.

A detachable option

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Petra battery sprayer

Compatible with most standard bottles

For all your small household spraying needs, Petra does a perfect job. The sprayer comes with a 9-inch hose, a bottle top cap, and holder that are compatible with most one-gallon plastic bottles. It’s ideal for jobs that need precision like misting small plants, spraying disinfectant around the house, or even spot cleaning. The sprayer comes with four AA batteries to get you started immediately.

No more pumping

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Battery sprayers take the hassle out of spraying extensive gardens and yards. They'll do an excellent job and save you a ton of time over manual pumping and spraying.

If we had to pick one, it must be the 105Ex effortless sprayer. Powered by a 20-volt lithium-ion battery, it delivers a constant 40 PSI of working pressure so you can reach higher and further plants. Besides, all electronic components are covered to keep water at bay.

The 2-gallon YT25E battery sprayer makes a good alternative for smaller spraying tasks. You can use it as a handheld or over the shoulder sprayer. It comes with a 12-volt lithium-ion battery that can spray up to 18 tanks on a single charge. The VIVOSUN backpack sprayer is well contoured and an excellent option for prolonged use. The unique housing design mirrors the shape of the back, so you wear it with absolute comfort.

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