Best Advent Candles

Countdown to the holidays, or use advent candles as part of your seasonal decor. Here is a list of some of the best.

advent candles
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Advent candles are used to count down days until an important event, most often during the Christmas season to count down the weeks before the big day. These can be used for church events, or within your own home as part of your holiday decor. Typically advent candles are tall and tapered-style, but pillar candles can be used, too. Here are some advent candles to help you get excited about your upcoming festivities. 

Best overall

advent candles

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Vermont Christmas Company Advent Candle Set (opens in new tab)

Fits wreaths and nativity displays

This set of advent candles come with three purple wax tapered candles and a single pink one. All of them are 10 inches high with a bade just under an inch wide. These will easily fit in most candle holders, including those on advent wreaths and nativities. For the most part, these candles burn clean without a lot of dripping, but they do burn fast. 

Best pillar advent candles

advent candles

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Elite Holiday Advent Candle Set (opens in new tab)

Hand-dipped candles

The Elite Holiday candle set features thick, nine-inch high pillar candles - three purple, and one pink. They are both smokeless and dripless and will burn a long time before melting away. They are also scent-free. These advent candles come in a decorated display box to make it easier to gift this set. 

Best countdown advent candle

advent candles

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Biedermann and Sons 15-inch Advent Candle (opens in new tab)

5, 4, 3, 2...

This 15-inch candle from Biedermann and Sons is colorfully decorated and marked with the number of days before Christmas. The candle is burned for a whale each night until that day’s mark is gone. When the wax has melted down to the final mark, it means the next day is Christmas. This tapered candle fits most standard candle holders. 

Best flameless advent candles

advent candles

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True Flicker Flameless Advent Candle Set (opens in new tab)

No risk of burns

These neat advent candles are battery-operated, so there is no smoke or flame, or melted wax to deal with. The LED flames flicker to give the look and feel of a real candle while the .75-inch base fits in most holders, including wreaths. Each of the four candles measures 9-inches high and the set comes with three purple and one pink candle. 

Best value advent candles

advent candles

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Hyoola Tall Taper Candles, 12-pack (opens in new tab)

Keep a set on hand

This is a whole box of white tapered candles that work with advent candle holders in wreaths, at church, and at home. It comes with twelve, so you don’t have to keep buying more for each event. They are made from paraffin wax and cotton wicks, which helps them burn clean without any dripping. 

Best for church services

advent candles

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Xavier Candlelight Service Candle Bundle (opens in new tab)

For a crowd

This package of tapered candles is made especially for candlelight church events. It comes with 125 candles that are 5-inches high. It also includes paper drip protectors to keep patrons’ hands clear of any dripping wax during the service. These candles are white and don’t have any scent added to them. 

Our choice is clear

The Vermont Christmas Company Advent Candle Set (opens in new tab) is quite traditional with three purple and one pick tapered candle in its set. They each stand 10-inches tall and fit in most advent wreaths and standard-sized candleholders. They do burn quickly and dip a bit if they don’t stand up straight.

A good alternative to the traditional, drippy candles is the True Flicker Flameless advent candles (opens in new tab). These candles are battery operated and feature LED lights that flicker just like a real, lit candle. You don’t have to worry about burns or smoke with these advent candles, just replacing the batteries every so often.

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