6 of the best bird feeders

Want to attract wildlife to your garden? One of the best ways to do so is with a bird feeder. So, whether yours is an urban plot or a country idyll, choose one of these cute, quirky bird feeders

The best bird feeders

Whether you're designing a wildlife garden in the city or making your country cottage garden more idyllic still, having a bird feeder can be a great way to attract wildlife to your garden, and if you’re a keen birdwatcher, you’re bound to see a lot more activity if you put seeds out for them to feast on. Here, we’ve picked out some of the best bird feeders for all types of gardens, both practical and stylish, so your feathered friends can feed with ease.  

Bird feeders make excellent Christmas gifts for wildlife lovers and gardeners; if you're wondering what else to get them, check out our Christmas gifts for gardeners buyer's guide.  

The type of birdfeeder you go for depends on how much of a feature you’d like it to be. If you often get lots of different birds coming to your garden, you may want to opt for a bigger feeder like the Gardman 4 Arm Feeding Station, which features lots of different feeders and water dishes for different types of bird. 

However, if you have a fairly small garden or you find other animals are often attracted to the bird feed, then something subtle like the Brome Bird Care Squirrel Buster Classic is small and can be hung anywhere, plus it is designed to stop squirrels from stealing the bird feed. Check out our full list below to see what’s best for your garden!

The best bird feeder

1. Gardman 4 Arm Feeding Station

A large feeding station that makes a feature for your garden

Reasons to buy
+ Includes feeders and water dishes 

Attract all the birds with this large bird feeder. It has four different hanging feeders as well as two water dishes for bathing and drinking. It’s easy to put together and looks aesthetically pleasing as well as being a functional way to feed the birds. Simply hammer into the grass to secure in position and wait and see what wildlife you attract. 

Brome Bird Care Classic Squirrel Buster

2. Brome Bird Care Classic Squirrel Buster

A small and subtle feeder to stop squirrels stealing the birdseed

Reasons to buy
+ Hangs anywhere 

If you find that squirrels are always coming along and stealing the birdseed, then this feeder will ensure the birds get priority. This clever feeder can be hung anywhere and can detect the weight of a squirrel, at which time the seed ports will automatically close, denying access to the squirrel. It simply blocks them out and does not harm them, but it means that the birds can have easy access to the seed whenever they like.  

Decorative Garden Bird Feeder

3. Decorative Garden Bird Feeder

An attractive metal feeder for inviting wild birds

Reasons to buy
+ Could also be a bird bath 

This metal dish shaped feeder is alluring to wild birds and could easily be used as a seed feeder or a bird bath. The metal design is weather resistant so it can be left out all year round without rusting and users have found it has been very successful in attracting a range of different birds to their garden. Perfect for the keen birdwatcher.  

Rowlinson Laverton Bird Table

4. Rowlinson Laverton Bird Table

A classic wooden bird table

Reasons to buy
+ Sturdy and stable 

This wooden bird table is sturdy and looks stylish for placement in any type of garden. It has a platform with a little roof which provides shelter for the birdseed so it doesn’t get wet. It’s said to be easy to assemble, and won’t need planting into the ground as it has a base which allows it to stand freely. This is great for attracting little birds to the garden and the wood will wear well throughout the course of the year.  

Home Etc Hanging Bird Feeder

5. Home Etc Hanging Bird Feeder

A decorative and dainty hanging feeder

Reasons to buy
+ Pretty design 

This little bird feeder wouldn’t look out of place in any garden, but is a nice design for smaller gardens to hang from a tree or shed to attract more wildlife. It’s only small, but has a little well for placing bird seed inside and the antique metal finish makes it look unique. This could make a lovely gift idea for garden lovers, and some have said it’s also great to use as a small bird bath too.  

Birdbath on Metal Stand

6. Birdbath on Metal Stand

A freestanding ceramic bird feeder and bath

Reasons to buy
+ Modern design 

This modern ceramic bird feeder can be used for seeds, nuts or water to create a bird bath and is sizeable enough to accommodate any birds that may find their way to your garden. It comes with sturdy metal legs which allow you to place this bird feeder anywhere you wish and it is said to be quite heavy which means you can expect it to stay put even when windy. Overall this is a nice bird feeder that can also be used purely for decorative purposes. 

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