Blueair Blue Pure Fan review

This is more than a fan, the Blueair Blue Pure Fan is also an air purifier. We reviewed it at home...

Blueair Blue Pure Fan
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Real Homes Verdict

An air-purifier, come super cool(ing) fan, say goodbye to allergies and breathe easy at home with the Blue Pure fan.

Reasons to buy
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    Effective fan

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    Air purifying

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Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Higher price point

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    Sits low to the ground

Looking for a cooling air purifier? You best read our Blueair Blue Pure Fan review because it could be just what you have been looking for...

It’s usually a few weeks into British summertime that we’ll get a heatwave and then realise our desperate need for a fan. But, in recent times, when we’ve had to spend more time at home, it’s not unusual to want a fan available at all times. Rooms can get stuffy, especially if you live in a small space, while if you have pets or are susceptible to dust-allergies or hay fever (the latter two scenarios relevant to myself), then being in a small confined space with poor air circulation can make your surroundings even more uncomfortable. 

This is where the Blueair’s Blue Pure fan blows other regular fans out of the water. Combining air cooling technology with an effective air purification system, means that you’ll enjoy a comfortably cool room and instant allergy relief too. With the highest CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) on the market (the higher the rate the more air is cleaned per hour), Blueair’s Pure fan is up there as one of the best air purifiers about, keep scrolling to see why.

Blueair Blue Pure Fan specifications

  • Airflow rate: 460m3/h (250 cfm) 
  • Power usage: 30-61W 
  • Noise level: 31-56 dB (A) 
  • Speed levels: 1-2-3-off 
  • Dimensions: H38 x W33 x D28cm
  • Weight: 5.3kg

Allergen removal specifications

  • Removal rate: 132cfm p/300 m3/h 
  • Allergies removed: particles, dust, pet dander, pollen and dust mites

Blueair Blue Pure Fan

(Image credit: Blueair)

Who will the Blueair Blue Pure Fan suit?

The Blue Pure fan will suit everyone but especially allergy sufferers and those with trouble sleeping. People who suffer with allergies will enjoy near instant relief as the Blue Pure fan can cleanse the air of airborne dust, pet dander and pollen in as little as 20 minutes. While even if you don’t suffer from allergies, this fan traps 99% of dust which would build up on regular fan’s blades (in a very unsightly manner) otherwise, making this an ideal way to keep your surroundings clean, comfortable and super stylish..

What’s more, the Blue Pure fan can cool a room down gently, and across a 90-degree range without the need of oscillation. so you won’t need to move it about so much. And, if you have trouble sleeping, you’ll be able to mask disruptive sounds a little easier with the white noise feature that the Blue Pure fan gives off on level three.

Blueair Blue Pure Fan

The Blueair Blue Pure Fan has five customisable pre-filter colours to choose from

(Image credit: Blueair)

Design features

The Blue Pure fan is modern to boot, and the Swedish design means that this funky looking fan will add a touch of stylish decor to all contemporary spaces – perfect if you’re into the Scandi look or wanting to create Hygge surroundings. Plus, this is the only air purifying fan on the market that comes complete with five customisable pre-filter colours so you can actually adapt the design further to match your decor seamlessly. 

And finally, it’s super lightweight, yet sheer clumsiness or a house cat will fail to topple it over as it has a low centre of gravity. Very handy. 

What's the Blueair Blue Pure Fan like to use?

Brilliant design makes this fan even more of a breeze to use. Simply plug it in and gently tap the one and only button you need to select your preferred speed level. Once for speed one, twice for speed two, three times for the third (white noise) speed level, and four times to switch it off. This button will also indicate when it’s time to replace your filters.

General care and maintenance 

Wipe the top of the fan with a dry duster every so often, – depending on your love for dusting. Otherwise, the filters are designed so that you can use them over and over again – a nice nod to sustainability. You can clean them using a vacuum or by simply machine washing them, and as mentioned, you’ll see the indicator light flash when it’s time to do so. It is recommended to change the main filter every six months also.   

Need to know...

To ensure the optimum function of the Blueair fan you do need to only use the Blueair filters. This will also ensure that yours stays under full warranty.

Reviewer's notes

As a dusty home dweller, hay fever sufferer and parent to both a cat and a giant Flemish rabbit (who has decided to be a house rabbit), dust, pollen and pet dander are quite the issue in my living space, so it was exciting to see a fan and air purifier in one cool design, that just so happens to fit in very well with the bohemian decor of my space. I can safely say that within minutes of switching the Blue Pure fan on, the room feels more pleasant and so it’s been great for working from home with this on hand (especially in the occasional summer heat we’ve had). 

I couldn’t wait to try the white noise feature on speed level three, as previously, I would use another very old and dusty fan throughout the night for a little air circulation, but mainly for white noise which helps mellow out street noise, and occasionally noisy housemates! The Blue Pure fan does the trick, all minus the noise of oscillation which is a bonus, and you wake up cool – not cold –, less blocked up, and feeling rested. I’m sure this is something that may even improve over time which is an exciting prospect. In all, I feel like this fan was made for me and I’m sure anyone who can relate and who tries it out, will agree.

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