These are the best Sonos deals if you're after a bargain before Christmas

We've got the scoop on the best Sonos deals for everyone after a great individual gadget or a surround-sound experience...

Sonos Beam Sound Bar
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The best Sonos deals mean you can pick up brilliant branded speakers at a fraction of the usual price. Whether you're looking for a gift for a family member, adding to your collection, or at the beginning of your home's surround-sound system empire... we've got you covered on the money saving front.

We all want that moody, surround-sound system ambiance in our homes. However, firstly: most of us already have too much on our plates (especially at Christmas time... in every sense of the phrase) so we frankly can't be bothered with the faff of setting it up. And, secondly: we know it can be eye-wateringly expensive. 

Well, that's why we've spent a whole lotta' time researching and finding the best Sonos deals available. 

Sonos hit the markets in the US in 2002 and since they've become an international phenomenon and since we discovered their sleek style, pristine sound quality and how ridiculously easy they are to operate... we've been obsessed.

Sonos is pretty much the most established surround-sound option there is; you can add up to 32 individual speakers to your home network, which you can control via the Sonos app (which is compatible with Android and iOS). So, this means you can build up a collection of different models for a truly awesome surround-sound experience, across your home, or, you can just grab one individual speaker (for yourself or as a gift) and rest assured that it's a worthy investment of the highest quality. 

Best Sonos deals, right now

In price order, from high to low: 

SONOS PLAY:5 Smart Wireless Speaker | Was £499, now £448 (opens in new tab)

If you're looking to take your Sonos system to the next level or start with a bang, the Sonos 5 is super powerful and will fill any room with an immersive sound. Enjoy streaming your favourite music services or directly from your Apple device with AirPlay. Use the wire-in feature or use voice assistant via Alexa or Siri so you can control your Sonos speaker without moving a muscle.

Sonos Move | Was £399, now £349 (opens in new tab)

The reason we think that the Sonos Move is the best model to buy as a Christmas gift is because it's a great size, and wireless - portable (hence the name Move). Weatherproof and drop resistant, this speaker is perfect for someone on the move, suited to playing outdoors and inside, offering Bluetooth connection as well as the usual option of connecting to your device and streaming from your favourite online music service. 

SONOS Beam Compact Sound Bar | Was £399, now £329 (opens in new tab)

How slick is this sound beam bar from Sonos? If James Bond were a speaker... anyway. What this gadget is, is a sound bar which can connect to HDMi to operate as a speaker for your television (as well as for music via Spotify, iTunes etc). There's even a speech enhancement mode on this model, meaning that you can say good bye to the frustration of inaudible whispers in your favourite movie.

See more of the best soundbars (opens in new tab) in our guide.

IKEA SYMFONISK Table lamp with Wi-Fi Speaker | Was £239.99, now £217.97 (opens in new tab)

A pretty brill buy if you're after something a little different. This Ikea collaboration with audio system giant Sonos has naturally given us huge home inspo when it comes to Christmas gifting or interior revamping. Doubling up as a table lamp, this speaker can be elegantly blended into your Sonos home sound system and what's more, it is connected via Wifi, not Bluetooth, meaning that you can enjoy uninterrupted music regardless of calls or texts you receive.

SONOS PLAY:1 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker | Was £149, now £119.97 (opens in new tab)

This is the classic model that we would definitely recommend for someone starting out on their Sonos journey. An ideal gift for a music-buff, compatible for streaming from your iTunes library, Spotify and more than 100,000 free internet radio stations, shows and podcasts! Great tech on a budget is hard to come buy so we aren't complaining about this fab price!

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