These are the best Sonos deals if you're after a bargain before Christmas

We've got the scoop on the best Sonos deals for everyone after a great individual gadget or a surround-sound experience...

Sonos Beam Sound Bar
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The best Sonos deals mean you can pick up brilliant branded speakers at a fraction of the usual price. Whether you're looking for a gift for a family member, adding to your collection, or at the beginning of your home's surround-sound system empire... we've got you covered on the money saving front.

We all want that moody, surround-sound system ambiance in our homes. However, firstly: most of us already have too much on our plates (especially at Christmas time... in every sense of the phrase) so we frankly can't be bothered with the faff of setting it up. And, secondly: we know it can be eye-wateringly expensive. 

Well, that's why we've spent a whole lotta' time researching and finding the best Sonos deals available. 

Sonos hit the markets in the US in 2002 and since they've become an international phenomenon and since we discovered their sleek style, pristine sound quality and how ridiculously easy they are to operate... we've been obsessed.

Sonos is pretty much the most established surround-sound option there is; you can add up to 32 individual speakers to your home network, which you can control via the Sonos app (which is compatible with Android and iOS). So, this means you can build up a collection of different models for a truly awesome surround-sound experience, across your home, or, you can just grab one individual speaker (for yourself or as a gift) and rest assured that it's a worthy investment of the highest quality. 

Best Sonos deals, right now

In price order, from high to low: 

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