There's a smart home sale on at Walmart today! Upgrade your setup from $9.99

Make your home smarter than you with help from Walmart's smart home sale on today – prices this good won't last for long, and some products have up to 50% off...

Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360° 1080P
(Image credit: Xiaomi )

Been considering buying some smart home tech but not sure where to start? Walmart's current smart home sale is where the party's at right now as you can find everything from light bulbs to plugs, all starting at as little as $9.99. Perfect to avoid spending big $$$s on smart tech that you could use every single day. Now you'll get a high-quality item for a much lower price. Even better? All of our best picks below are from Xiaomi, a trustworthy electronics company featured at Walmart home right now.

With help from these deals, you can: turn your bedroom light on with your voice, check that your hair straighteners are switched off while you're on the subway or check on your pet through a camera while you're out. Life-changing stuff. 

To save you a job, we've added our favourite deals in this Walmart smart home sale below. Happy shopping!

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Xiaomi Mi E26 Smart Light Bulb | $19.99 $9.99 at Walmart
Pay under $10 for this smart bulb today. It comes complete with a remote, and you can control it through Google Assistant too. It also connects to your smartphone so you can turn your light on and off when out of the house. Time to trick potential burglars. You can change its color – there are 16 million to choose from – as well as brightness. The bulb itself has a low wattage of 9 watts which provides 600 lumens (comparable to 60W). Make your home look cool while saving money...View Deal

Xiaomi Mi Smart Plug | $21.96 $10.98 at Walmart
This smart plug is sleek looking, smooth working and it's super affordable. Buy one to control your straighteners, to use on your favorite lamp – if getting a smart bulb isn't an option – or to check your appliances are turned off while you're out of the house. This smart plug can be controlled by your voice or cell, and you can schedule it to turn on at a certain time. Wake up to your hair straighteners ready to use... imagine!View Deal

Xiaomi Mi Smart Desk Lamp | $39.99 $19.99 at Walmart
Work from home much? Need to find a bright light to keep you concentrated during dark, winter days? This smart desk lamp makes studying, reading and working a less snooze-worthy task. And it'll look good in your space. You can adjust its color temperature, too.View Deal

Xiaomi Home Security Camera 360° 1080P | $44.99 $22.99 at Walmart
Check on your home while away with help from this now affordable security camera. To be used indoors only, this 360º camera links with your smartphone so you can check what's going on inside your home anytime, anywhere. It has a wide-angle lens so you can see more, and it features full HD video resolution. The best part? It's super easy to set up. Buy for your peace of mind so that your next vacation can be worry-free...View Deal

Xiaomi Mi Smart Bedside Lamp | $44.99 $29.99 at Walmart
Buy two of these bedside lamps so both sides of your room match: they'll make life a lot easier. This lamp is Google Assistant compatible, it features a 360° touch-sensitive panel to control color and brightness annnd it can be used as a wakeup light – input your wakeup time and the lamp will slowly begin to brighten to wake you up nicely. It's never been easier to achieve the perfect ambience.View Deal