Best Black Friday smart thermostat deals: upgrade your heating controls with Tado, Hive and Nest

A smart thermostat deal is clever for so many reasons. Save money, effort and time controlling your heating with these great offers

Tado smart thermostat in home
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Coming home to a cold house, overheating unused rooms and having to scurry out of bed to put the radiator on before you can brave getting up. These are all things that DON'T happen if you have smart heating controls. And these smart thermostat deals from top brands like Nest, Tado and Hive are about to make that possible for you, at a pinch of the price.

They are so easy to retrofit – most just need synching with your Wi-Fi and smart device, then you are good to go. They are all also compatible with Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa devices so controlling them by voice is just a word away. And best of all, their use will cut your energy bills as they really optimise how you use your heating and hot water. Scroll on to see our pick of the best Black Friday smart thermostat deals, or check out our guide to the best smart thermostats to learn more. 

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Black Friday Tado smart thermostat deals

Tado smart thermostats have a lot of added capabilities through the app. Not only will they control and monitor your heating, but they have a number of handy features to mean you cut energy use by not only using heating wisely, but they can sense when windows have been left open and cut off the heating to prevent energy waste. The thermostats also do more than monitor temperature and can warn when mold may be a risk. Finally, the geofencing is a big pull – the Tado app knows when you leave home and will switch off the heating if you are the last to leave. Don't worry though, they learn your schedule and will make sure you never return to a chilly home.

Tado wireless smart thermostat

Tado wireless smart thermostat | £187.80 £174.99 (save £12.81) on Amazon
Control your heating and hot water wherever you are by smart phone, or connect to your voice assistant as this is compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri. You can use geofencing too so your heating turns off when nobody is home. 

Tado smart thermostat radiator 4-pack

Tado smart thermostat radiator 4-pack | £229.99 £120.99 (save £109) on Amazon
Add these radiator thermostats to your radiators and they will mean you can control your heating, room by room, via you smart app. Set zones, optimise your energy efficiency and optimise your heating via the app. You can easily retrofit them to any radiator with thermostatic valves. Got a smaller home? Buy one for just £56.95.

Black Friday Hive deals

Hive is another big name in the world of smart heating and security, with a number of alarms, security cameras and lighting products that can be connected to create a smarter home. Hive often run deals with Amazon at this time of year, offering Alexa devices bundled with Hive thermostats and lighting for a nice little home automation set up. Hive also tend to have the cheapest products, but offer professional installation so you can put your savings into getting them fully integrated.

Hive Active Heating + FREE Echo Dot (3rd gen)

Hive Active Heating + FREE Echo Dot (3rd gen) | £179 £134.25 (save £44.75) on Hive
Hive Active Heating means you can control your heating from your smart device. Never return to a cold home and optimise your energy use when and where you need it. You can install yourself or pay £186.75 for Hive Active Heating including pro installation. Oh, and you get a free Amazon Echo Dot too – the perfect pairing for voice controlled heating.

Hive Radiator Valve

Hive radiator valve | £54 £43.20 (save £10.80) on Hive
Add one of these valves to each radiator and when paired with Hive Active Heating, you can control your heating room by room from your smartphone. Set different temperature zones so rooms you use less don't get heated unnecessarily. You can get a three pack for £139, or five for £199.

Black Friday Nest smart heating deals

Nest is now part of the Google family, so if you own other Google smart products like the Hub or Nest Mini, a Nest thermostat could be the most seamless to integrate. That said, they work with ITTT, Alexa and Siri so can be controlled by many devices for easy peasy home automation. We think they look pretty good, too.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd gen, White

Google Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd gen, White | £219 £197 (save £22) on Currys PCWorld
This Nest thermostat can also be controlled from your smart phone and will work not just your heating, but hot water, too. It has a larger, clearer display so is super accessible and it sends a home report to help your be smarter with your energy use. It then learns from your use and schedules heating around your preferences – very clever and very good for your bills!

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