5 of the best power banks: never run out of battery on weekend trips

The best power bank will provide emergency charging power for your phone, tablet, and more – a top buy for summer camping trips

best power bank
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The best power bank is an essential for anyone who travels a lot and is a heavy phone, tablet, or laptop user. A power bank is essentially an encased, rechargeable portable battery that'll top up your device with power when there's no socket in sight. Of course, there's more to a power bank if it's to make it onto a 'best of' list, such as ultra-fast charging times, high capacity, or a lighter weight to make it more portable. 

With camping trips and day trips our kind of getaway this summer, having juice on demand is crucial. And that is just what a power bank does. See all our favourites below. 

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1. The best power bank: Anker PowerCore 20100

Anker PowerCore 20100

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Anker PowerCore 20100 | £32.99 at Amazon

This ultra-powerful power bank can charge a smartphone up to eight times before it needs recharging, and it charges fast. In fact, it's so powerful that it will support a Nintendo Switch console for up to 12 hours on a single charge. As with all power banks, recharging takes a while – 10 hours – but this device is so reliable that it's worth it. View Deal

2. The best power bank with an LED display: Getihu Power Bank

Getihu Power Bank

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Getihu Power Bank | £12.98 at Amazon

This power bank has  an LED display, so that you know exactly how much charge you've got left – and, unlike most power banks out there, it's suitable for charging low-power devices such as Bluetooth headphones and smart watches. The only drawback of this power bank is that you can only use the original lead that comes with it to recharge, so make sure you don't lose it. View Deal

3. The best compact power bank: Poweradd EnergyCell 5000mAh

Poweradd EnergyCell 5000mAh

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Poweradd EnergyCell 5000mAh | £11.99 at Amazon

If you're not keen on adding too much weight to your handbag, or already heavy weekender bag, then this ultra-portable power bank is for you. Weighing just 99 grams, it nonetheless has impressive charging abilities – two smartphone charges, or a full tablet or laptop charge. That's not quite as powerful as our top pick, but it's so small and light, that it's a contender in its own right. View Deal

4. The best power bank for flying: YWTESCH Power Bank 20000mAh

YWTESCH Power Bank 20000mAh

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YWTESCH Power Bank 20000mAh | £23.99 at Amazon

Definitely the best-looking power bank on our list, the Ywtesch power bank is the best all-in-one charger, which makes it perfect for flights and multiple devices. You don't need to buy any extra accessories for this one, because it already comes with a Micro & Type C ports, making it suitable for most devices. It's also slim and quite lightweight (316 grams). View Deal

5. The best slim power bank: Omars Power Bank 10000mAh

Omars Power Bank 10000mAh

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Omars Power Bank 10000mAh | £12.98 at Amazon

If you prefer carrying everything in your pockets, you'll appreciate this slimline power bank that's easy to slip into your coat or even trouser pockets. It has a nice textured finish to it, so it won't slip out. It does take ages to recharge, but that's most power banks for you. View Deal

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