5 of the best outdoor rugs

Protect and perfect your outdoor space with these highly decorative and deceptively durable outdoor rugs, with options for patios and deck of all shapes, sizes and styles

The best outdoor rugs
Fab Hab Copenhagen outdoor rug best eco-friendly rug

What with the proliferation of botanical prints and rekindled love for house plants, you’ve no doubt thought about bringing the outdoors in recently, but taking the indoors out? Now that’s a garden trend worth taking notice of and perfect for anyone who wants a living-room level of comfort outside. The best outdoor rugs can bring a real tactile touch, as well as visual interest, to a deck or patio, and there are some wonderful decorative options in the shops right now, as you’re about to find out.

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What is the best outdoor rug?

Geometric patterned rugs are still a huge trend in the world of interiors, and that goes for exteriors too. Kilim rugs, diamond patterns and chevrons abound in lists of the best rugs, including this one, and first place goes to the bang on-trend and future-facing (it’s made of recycled plastic straws, don’t you know) Fab Hab Copenhagen Rug

It’s far from the only option though – from hand-woven jute rugs to ones made from born-again plastic bottles, summery brights to elegant neutrals, there’s something to suit all.

The best eco-friendly outdoor rug is Fab Hab Copenhagen

1. Fab Hab Copenhagen Rug

Do your bit for the planet (and the patio) with this fashion-forward, eco-conscious rug

Best for: Patios
Material: Polyester
Sizes available: 2
Colours: Cement, blue
Reasons to buy
+ Woven from recycled plastic + Fashion-forward kilim pattern 

There’s been a lot of hubbub around disposable plastic straws recently, but we have good news if you want to do your bit to stop the man-made nuisances making their way into the oceans: these rugs from eco-conscious company Fab Hab are chock full of them. 

Woven from strands made from recycled plastic straws, this outdoor rug both does good for the planet and looks good on your patio, with its distinctive kilim pattern and elegant palette, while that plastic construction means it’s mildew-resistant and lightweight. Best of all, it’s reversible, so if you’re feeling a little more colourful, you can change your grey rug for a blue rug with just a quick flip. 

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Dash & Albert Diamond Area best colourful outdoor Rug

2. Dash & Albert Diamond Area Rug

For a dash of colour, look no further than this diamond-patterned rug

Best for: Quality
Material: Handwoven polypropylene
Sizes available: 1
Colours: Grey
Reasons to buy
+ Loads of colour choice  + Fade-resistant 

Concentric diamond rugs are a big deal for interiors, and if you’re looking to capture a little of the trend for your outdoor space, you need look no further than Dash & Albert at Wayfair. Their indoor-outdoor area rug has a trend-led white diamond pattern on a choice of solid colours, from pared-back neutrals to springy salmon and bright green, so whatever the particular aesthetic of your outdoor space, there’s sure to be an option to suit. While this is our best pick for colour choices, it’s more than just a pretty face, with a fade-resistant polypropylene construction to combat the (fingers crossed) bright sunshine. 

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Weaver Green Provence Collection Washable Rug is the best recycled outdoor rug

3. Weaver Green Provence Collection Washable Rug

This recycled rug is green by name and green by nature

Best for: Hard-wearing
Material: Recycled plastic bottles
Sizes available: 5
Colours: Navy, teal, gooseberry, dove grey
Reasons to buy
+ Waterproof and mould-resistant + Responsibly sourced and manufactured 

Not unlike Fab Hab’s Copenhagen rug, this one from Weaver Green at John Lewis has a healthy dose of eco-kudos to its name. It’s woven completely from fibres made from recycled plastic bottles, resulting in an effect that looks like wool but is waterproof, mould-resistant, hard-wearing in the face of foot traffic, and completely washable. That sounds like a win-win to us. It’s also a shining example of responsible manufacturing, made by skilled artisans in weaving houses inspected by the impartial Good Weave. On the design front, its flat-woven style and geometric pattern give it an ‘oh, this? We picked this up on holiday’ look, and it’s reversible for good measure. 

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Wildon Home Pacific Hand-Woven Area Rug is the best natural outdoor rug

4. Wildon Home Pacific Hand-Woven Area Rug

Give your space an air of the coast with this hand-woven circular rug

Best for: Contemporary style
Material: Jute/sisal
Sizes available: 3
Colours: Natural
Reasons to buy
+ Unusual circular design + Durable and beautiful jute 

If you’re looking for a more soft-edged option than a rectangular rug can provide, a circular outdoor rug is a great unexpected option. This hand-woven rug by Wildon Home is lovingly made from eco-friendly and extremely durable jute (the same stuff your Bag for Life is likely made of), and is second-to-none in terms of providing a gorgeous natural texture to your outdoor dining or lounging area. The natural fibres have a very attractive sheen, as well as having a short pile that’s easy to keep looking neat and tidy, even in the face of determined dirt-treaders. 

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Green Decore Psychedelia Rug

5. Green Decore Psychedelia Rug

This monochrome rug is funky stuff

Best for: Summer weather
Material: Polypropylene
Sizes available: 2
Colours: Grey, orange or black and white
Reasons to buy
+ Trendy chevron pattern + UV-resistant 

When it comes to outdoor rugs that look just as at home indoors, Dunelm have got it just right. This Grey Psychedelia rug, with on-trend chevron pattern and even more on-trend grey and white colourway, is an eye-catching option for contemporary patios, and the neutral palette opens up the option for easy pattern-clashing. Again, it’s made from recycled plastic straws, so you can feel pretty smug while sipping your choice of sundowner out on the deck, and it’s water-resistant and UV-protected to outdo the best efforts of the elements. 

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