Best multi gym for home: 7 top-rated buys to transform your workouts

With the best multi gym for home use, you’ll have everything you need to smash your workout in the convenience of your own space.

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Investing in the best multi gym for home use is essential for those with fast-paced lives who still want to be able to schedule workouts into their days. With this equipment, you’ll be able to put yourself through your paces with equipment that can cater to a full-body workout, so that come arm day or leg day, you’ll have no excuse for putting it off.

The huge benefit of the best multi-gym for home use is that you don’t have to wait around in line for anyone else to finish up. You can simply place it in an empty corner in your house, whether that’s your garage or your spare room, and get on with working out in peace. Before you can meet those fitness goals, there are some things to consider as you make your investment. That includes the size, price, and capabilities of the multi-gym you opt for, as well as the weight stack and maximum user weight of each unit. 

Instead of getting lost in all the choices out there, our guide to the best multi-gym for home use can steer you in exactly the right direction, as we’ve collected all of the top-rated options for you. For more solutions to help you work out at home, check out our buying guide to the best home gym equipment.  

The best multi gyms for home use 2021

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1. DKN Studio 7400 Compact Home Multi Gym

The best multi gym for home

Size: H210, W105, L165cm
Weight stack: 80kg
Max user weight: 150kg
Reasons to buy
+Well priced+High quality+Sturdy feeling+Wide variety of training available
Reasons to avoid
-Set up can be long and difficult-Not the highest range of weights

We love the DKN Studio 7400 as it's both affordable and versatile, making it the ideal choice if you want to keep up with your goals at home, but aren't looking to spend a fortune in the process.  With a weight stack of 80kg and the variation needed to perform training on all aspects of the body, with this home multi gym you'll be beating your fitness targets in no time at all. 

What reviewers love
Those who have used the DKN Studio 7400 are impressed with the sturdy, solid design as well as the high overall quality of the materials and finish. It's also a winner with users due to the wide range of exercises possible which gives plenty of variation to workouts and allows you to keep on progressing. 

Design specs
The multi-position seat of this multi gym allows for the user to move around and adapt their workout with ease while also providing extra padding for support. In essence, you can use this machine to do everything from arm curls to pull-ups, shoulder presses, hip abductors and more, so that you'll be feeling stronger and more confident in no time. It comes with a high and low pulley too and has a maximum user weight of 150kg. 

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2. Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym

The best compact multi gym

Size: H211cm x W125cm x D147cm
Weight stack/resistance: 95kg
Maximum User Weight: 136kg
Reasons to buy
+Lightweight +Easy to use  +70+ exercises+No change cable pulley system
Reasons to avoid
- Uses resistance rather than a weight stack 

This is the best multi gym for those who don’t have much space in their home. It’s also super lightweight which makes it easy to manoeuvre into your desired position, and compact enough so that it can be stored in a smaller room or a tiny home gym or garage. 

What reviewers love
There are copious impressed comments on this multi gym's compact nature making it an excellent choice for your home if you don't have tonnes of spare space. That being said, what it lacks in size it definitely makes up for in features as reviewers are super happy with how versatile it is. All in all, it can be used for 70 different exercises! Its sturdiness is also raved about, as is the fact it's apparently easy to assemble.

Design features
The Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym works via resistance rather than a weight stack. While some people may prefer this, others may not as it can feel a lot different to free weights. If you suffer from joint pain, the resistance method is designed to give you the same workout as free weights, without the strain on your joints. and the chair is fully adjustable and ergonomic in order to reduce the risk of injury. It also comes with a polyurethane cushion for added back and knee support.

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3. York Perform Multi-Gym

The best multi gym under £1000

Size: H196m x W115cm x D141cm
Weight stack: 100kg
Maximum User Weight: 125kg
Reasons to buy
+Affordable price+Resistance of 100kg+Offers versatile workouts+Solidly built
Reasons to avoid
-Difficult to put together

If you're looking to make one of the best multi gym purchases, then this from York Fitness is an affordable and effective place to start. With a 100kg weight stack and the opportunity to work your chest, legs and arms there is plenty of versatility to be found in this machine and an opportunity to get motivated with all of your fitness goals. With this not too expensive investment, working out at home can be easier than ever.

What reviewers love
This multi gym has earned praise for its weight range which allows users to build on their hard work week on week. It's also a compact addition to your home, meaning it won't have too much impact on your aesthetically laid-out spare room, and even less on your garage where you can stash it away. 

Design features
For those new to weight training, the max weight of 100kg may be a little too much, but those used to using this sort of equipment in the gym will be grateful for the chance to progress at home. This multi gym also promises a smooth workout thanks to its design with sealed bearings and a Y-frame for sturdiness. As with any home workout equipment, the compact design of the York Multi Gym is a huge plus too and means you can really separate out your relaxing and exercising spaces. 

Best multi gym: Opti multi gym equipment

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4. Opti 50kg Home Multi Gym

The best multi gym under £500

Size: H202cm x W98cm x D168cm
Weight: 50kg
Maximum User Weight: 120kg
Reasons to buy
+Large maximum user weight+Padded seating+Easy to assemble+Lightweight+Compact
Reasons to avoid
-May be too basic for some

Ideal for beginners and frequent gym-goers alike, this multi gym features a range of exercise options all at a very affordable price. It also comes in 50kg, 70kg and 100kg options. 

What reviewers love
With a particular nod to its bargain price, this multi gym is much loved by reviewers. It's apparently surprisingly easy to build, and it's said to cover all your exercising needs – you can definitely use it for a full body workout. Though labelled sturdy, some say that it's ideal for amateurs.

Design features
The Opti 50kg Home Multi Gym lets users do everything from front press and butterfly to low rowing, triceps press, ab crunches, leg extension and much more. Its weight stacks are filled with 50kg of cement providing 65kg maximum resistance. Not only is this machine easy to assemble once it arrives at your front door, but it's also less bulky than other machines making it an ideal piece of kit to have in your spare room. Best of all, it's incredibly affordable.

Best multi gym: Image of Marcy MD multi gym

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5. Marcy MD-9010G Home Gym Smith Machine

The best multi gym with leg press

Size: H216cm x W203CM x D203cm
Weight stack: 272kg (not included)
Maximum User Weight: 136kg
Reasons to buy
+3 in one +Comprehensive multi gym +Smooth to use 
Reasons to avoid
- Weight stack plates not included 

If you want a multi gym that will be worth your time and money, then this is it. Why? We think it's the best multi gym on the market for working out every part of the body. Hence its large size and somewhat large price tag.

What reviewers say
Those who have this machine say it is very sturdy and smooth to use, and it’s great for both beginners and more advanced training. Since it's pretty large, you'll need a lot of space to enjoy it. Though some reviewers do say that it's just as good as you would find in your gym. It's worth noting that the 272kg weight stacks don't come included.

Design features
Although this Marcy model is a single station machine, it can be used as a smith machine, power rack and cable gym all in one. Be aware that the weight stack plates for this multi gym are sold separately, but on the bright side, this does mean you have more control over how much weight you add to your machine. This means you can train any and every muscle you have on this one machine. Understandably, it's rather large so you will need a fair bit of room to accommodate it.

Best multi gym: Image of woman using ONETWOFIT multigym

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6. ONETWOFIT Power Tower

The best cheap multi gym

Size: L120cm x D110cm x H202-220cm
Weight stack: N/A
Maximum user weight: 330lbs
Reasons to buy
+Easy to assemble+Good value for money+Height adjustable
Reasons to avoid
-Doesn't come with weights

The ONETWOFIT Power Tower is great for those with a small budget and an even smaller amount of space. It doesn't come with any weights – you can use yourself as a weight – and on this workout station, you can find three levels of height adjustment from 202cm to 220cm. 

What reviewers love
With lots of comments from reviewers that this multi gym is easy to assemble and great value for money, it's also reportedly surprisingly sturdy.

Design features
It's made from heavy-duty metal so it can withstand up to 330lbs at any one time, while it boasts a stable base that's adjustable. Use it for pull ups, chin ups, dips, vertical knee raises, push ups and more. With a thick backrest and armrest that are both made from PU leather, this basic multi gym is comfortable and non-slip so safe to use. It has a U-shaped frame base also, while the assembly is easy. Though it's not a multi-gym in the way the others on this list are, it can still be used for doing multiple exercises so it fits the bill.

Best multi gym: Image of V-FIT multi gym

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7. V-fit LGF-2 Herculean Cobra Home Multi Gym

The best value multi gym

Size: H194cm x W865cm x D220cm
Weight stack: 64kg
Maximum User Weight: 125kg
Reasons to buy
+ Fold-up bench for easy storage + Solid and sturdy 
Reasons to avoid
- Takes a while to put together 

Those who still aren’t convinced whether to buy their own multi gym may want to try this one out for size. It's entry-level and also one of our most affordable recommendations on this list. 

Whats reviewers say
Several users found it to be surprisingly impressive for the cost. One feature particularly boasted about was its fold-away bench. This helps keep your room looking neat and tidy when the machine isn't in use. While it does take a little while to put together (apparently the tools that come included aren't very good), once up it's reportedly strong and sturdy.

Design features
Also, since it provides up to 64kg of resistance, it can be assembled or moved to almost anywhere in your home without the worry of damaging your floor. While all our other options feature an upright seat, this model features a traditional lay-flat bench press design for those who like to work out their chest and tricep areas. If you have older children who'd like to use the machine, it has an adjustable seat to adapt to different users, and weights are included. It's also fuss-free when it comes to cable changes.

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