Gifts for book lovers: 12 Christmas buys for bookworms

Christmas is coming and these gifts for book lovers will please the avid reader in your life

Gifts for book lovers
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Looking for gifts for book lovers? The best Christmas presents for anyone who loves reading shouldn't just be books themselves but about the room where the reading happens and the lovely accessories that can make the already pleasant experience of reading even better, too, right? So, without much further ado, here's our selection of the best Christmas gifts for book lovers, from irresistible stationery to cozy homewares. 

1. Bookends

Gifts for book lovers

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Bookends don't have to be boring – explore the world of bookends-cum-accessories. Really nice bookends can really help to bring a book-lined interior together, especially if the books are kept on the mantlepiece or prominent shelf in the living room.

The MyGift Torched Wood Stairs offers a decorative set of two that will perfectly pair with any coffee table or shelf.  

2. The waterproof Kindle e-reader

Kindle Oasis E-Reader Waterproof

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Some of us prefer digital reading; some of us also like reading while taking a bath, which is not ideal with a paperback. The new Kindle Oasis E-Reader is waterproof, so will be a perfect gift who those who love finishing that thriller while bathing, or frequent travelers who might be lucky enough to be spending their Christmas on a beach. 

3. A subscription to Real Homes magazine

We know we would say this but Real Homes magazine is a fab read – as well as being a great reference for anyone looking to transform their home. A subscription means you'll have all the latest on updating your home, whether owned or rented, and whether you're on a budget or splashing out on a forever family home. It covers the latest decorating trends, too, for book lovers who like to be on trend.

Front cover of the December issue of Real Homes magazine

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4. A poetry subscription

Classic Poetry Subscription

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Not all book lovers have much time to read – our busy lifestyles often mean that we end up watching TV instead (not that Strictly/Netflix aren't amazing in their own right). Poetry can be a surprisingly easy way to find a bit of time for reading since many poems are short and will only take up only a few minutes. 

The Classic Poetry Subscription by Bespoke Verse is a unique gift, with the recipient getting three beautifully-printed poem postcards every month. A lovely and thoughtful gift to encourage a quiet moment here and there. Available at Not On The High Street. 

5. A notebook good enough to keep

gifts for book lovers

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Not all notebooks are created equal; most are either boring or fall apart soon after they've been filled. If your gift is for someone who likes writing and would like to keep what they've written, choose a notebook that is prettier, and sturdier than average.

The notepad is original and good looking – and you can get one for every reader in the house.

6. A typewriter to tease out their writing talent

gifts for book lovers

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What if your book lover is also, potentially, a book writer? They almost certainly already have a laptop, but we bet they don't have a typewriter. Old-fashioned, yes, but also could provide a great antidote to the distractions of the internet? 

The vintage typewriter is full of old school charm and will look sensational in any room or corner. 

7. Cool bookish accessories to kit out the home office

home office accessories by Maisons du Monde

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Beyond cool stationery, think of other bits and bobs that will help them make their home office stylish and cool. The devil is in the detail, and everything contributes to a polished look, from mugs to pencil cases. 

We love the earthy tones and tactile textures of the desk accessories from Maisons du Monde. 

8. A scented candle to create a library ambience

gifts for book lovers

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Nothing enhances the pleasure of reading like a nice-smelling room. Give the gift of a calm and bookish atmosphere with this breaking taking scent form LAFCO that's perfect when paired with a book. 

9. A stylish and lightweight sleeve for their Kindle

Moko Sleeve Bag for Kindle Paperwhite/Kindle Voyage

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Those who like reading on the go and prefer digital to analog reading need a protective sleeve to keep their Kindle safe from scratches and bumps inside their bag. 

The Moko Sleeve Bag for Kindle Paperwhite/Kindle Voyage is made from felt, which is lightweight but sturdy and is very attractive.

10. A handmade leather case for their reading glasses

gifts for book lovers

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Any glasses wearers out there? If so, keep your glasses safe-and-sound thanks to this lust-worthy leather case that won't break the bank. 

11. A reading light that goes the extra mile

gifts for book lovers

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Switch out your tired desk lamps for this flicker-free light that will brighten up any space without harming your eyes. Plus, it'll reduce your electricity bill by 90% (or at least, that's what the brand is claiming!). 

12. A Penguin Book print for connoisseurs of classics

gifts for book lovers

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Rounding out our list is the motivational must-have everyone needs: this inspiration book. Filled with subtle reminders that every day is a chance to start new, this day maker is the one book everyone needs. 

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