Best Christmas tree bags 2022 – 6 stylish ways to store your faux tree year after year

Christmas tree bags are the easiest way to keep your artificial tree looking at it's best year after year – here are our top picks

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A green Christmas tree storage bag with christmas tree inside by Cox and Cox
(Image credit: Cox and Cox)

Finding the best Christmas tree bag is a bit of a boring task because let's face it... we're all big fans of putting our trees up, and decorating them but taking them down? It's not so fun.

Not to worry as we've put in the legwork for you and found the best and most affordable Christmas tree bags on the market. Gone are the days of chucking your artificial Christmas tree into the attic and praying it won't get damaged. Pop it in a bag, zip it up and enjoy the big reveal next festive season. Oh, and these handy bags can also double up as weekend holdalls for impromptu trips, sports equipment storage and gardening storage bags. 

Check out the best buys on the market and snatch up your Christmas tree bag before the new year. Whether you're looking for a portable model on wheels or one that'll keep your tree standing upright – we've got you covered. C'mon, you know that battered cardboard box it came in decades ago needs binning...

The best Christmas tree bags to store your artificial tree

A red waterproof christmas tree storage bag with black handles

(Image credit: Amazon )

1. Barlborough X Large Christmas Tree Storage Bag

The best sizeable Christmas tree storage bag

Coluor(s) available: Red/black
Dimensions: 135 x 54 x 38 centimetres
Capacity: 277L
Reasons to buy
Generous 277 liter capacity
Three-way lockable zips
Ergonomic handles
Made from extra strong 600D Polyester
Reasons to avoid
Polyester isn't eco-frendly

This bag measures 135 x 54 x 38 centimetres and has a generous 277-liter capacity. So whether you've got a little tree at 4ft or one that soars high at seven or eight, (depending on the construction), this is the bag for you. Easily accessible with three-way lockable zips with handles to carry, this is a handy model. What's more, it's super durable, made from polyester, and with a PU coating meaning it's 100 percent waterproof.

The White Company branded Christmas tree storage bag positioned in front of artificial Christmas tree decorated with lights and decorations

(Image credit: The White Company)

2. The White Company Tree Storage Bag - Large

The best luxury Christmas tree bag

Colour(s) available: Natural
Dimensions: 50cm x 50cm x 120cm
Capacity: Up to 7.5ft tree
Reasons to buy
Reputable luxury brand
Trendy design in neutral colorway
Stores up to 7.5ft dismantled tree
Zip-lock design
Sturdy handles
Reasons to avoid
Made from polyester (not eco-friendly)
Spot clean only

Christmas tree bag but make it boujie? You're winning with The White Company's model. Made from 50% polyester and 50% PVC, this durable buy is a trendy way to stow your tree until the season springs up on us again. And with a strong 100% polyproylen handle and sturdy zip lock, you can sashay around the living room once you're done! This handy tree bag allows you to dismantle and store your tree (up to 7.5ft) safely, so you can neatly pack it away, ready to retrieve each year. 

A dark green Christmas tree storage bag with red detail and reinforced handle

(Image credit: Amazon )

3. Christmas Tree Fabric Storage Bag (125 x 30 x 50 cm) Green

The best budget Christmas tree storage bag

Colour(s) available : Green
Dimensions: 125 x 30 x 50 cm
Capacity: 6ft dismantled tree
Reasons to buy
Affordable entry-level bag
Most reviewers can fit 6ft tree, but others claim it can fit up to 9ft or two 4ft trees.
Reasons to avoid
Some reviewers complained that it was flimsy and that zip broke

Festive, fun, and no-frills. This green Christmas tree storage bag has red trimmings to give it a definite Crimbo feel and costs under ten pounds... yes, please!

Not everyone needs a heavy-duty Christmas tree bag and this one will work a treat if you're on a budget. Measuring 125 x 50 x 30 centimeters, this bag is lightweight but reviewers commend it for being able to hold their dismantled six feet trees! 

A Tree Keeper branded red Christmas tree bag on wheels with dismantled Christmas tree

(Image credit: Tree Keeper (Amazon) )

4. Tree Keeper Large Heavy Duty Christmas Tree Storage Bag With Wheels

The best Christmas tree bag on wheels

Colour(s) available : Red
Dimensions: 56 x 63.5 x 14 centimetres
Capacity: 9ft dismantled tree
Reasons to buy
Three wheels and reinforced bottom
Inside and exterior compression straps
Heavy duty carry handles and oversized zipper
Fairly lightweight (circa 4kgs)
Reasons to avoid
Some reviewers mentioned that it could be more structured

A 'wheely' good choice for someone who wants an easy to manoeuvre Christmas tree bag. This model is large and heavy duty (as it says on the tin), able to fit a tree up to nine foot tall! With three wheels and a reinforced bottom, this is a brill buy for someone who doesn't want to worry about supporting the bottom of the bag and lugging it up the stairs into the attic. Fitted with inside and exterior compression straps, too, for neat and easy packing. 

A 612 Vermont branded, red heavy-duty upright Christmas tree storage bag

(Image credit: 612 Vermont )

5. 612 Vermont Heavy-Duty Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag

The best upright Christmas tree bag

Colour(s) available: Burgundy red
Dimensions: 33" x 33" x 96"
Capacity: 9ft tall tree
Reasons to buy
No need to dismantle the tree
Stores trees up to 9ft tall and 40" diameter
Attractive Burgundy color
Reasons to avoid
Made from polyester (not eco-friendly)
Stand not included

Save some time and buy an upright Christmas tree bag! Not only does it slash the taking it down time in half, it also allows you to be semi-prepared for next Christmas as you don't have to assemble it again.

The three reinforced handles make moving this container around easy work and the design means that the base of the tree is compressed when not in use, for space-saving storage. Just be warned – the stand isn't included, so you'll have to buy this separately.

A slim upright rolling Christmas tree storage bag with faux tree enclosed and metal stand

(Image credit: Balsam Hill)

6. Balsam Hill Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Bag

The best rolling upright Christmas tree storage bag

Colour(s) available: Red
Dimensions: 89" height, 30" diameter
Capacity: 7.5ft tree
Reasons to buy
Features an easily transportable all-metal stand
Accommodates trees with a 2.125" center pole diameter
Reasons to avoid
Made from 100% polyester fabric (not eco-friendly)

Easily transport and store your Christmas tree season after season with this bag from the holiday homeware experts, Balsam Hill. Crafted from durable materials, this 100% polyester bag comes in three sizes and features a rolling stand to simplify the storage process.

All you have to do is simply remove all of your festive decorations from your tree, detach and place the top tree section in a special compartment, and pull up the collapsible bag over the tree. We think it looks rather like a fashionable quilted overcoat! Helpfully, it comes with a super-sturdy metal stand, so it won't tumble over in the attic, garage, or basement.

What is the best way to store an artificial Christmas tree?

There are two parts to successfully storing your artificial Christmas tree - disassembling the tree and storing the sections. Here, Mac Harman, CEO of Balsam Hill explains the 2-part trick to a tidy fir for the year after.

Disassembling your tree

Step one: Detach the lights
For non-Easy Plug™ trees, detach the light connections between the sections. If your tree is not pre-lit, unstring the lights and store them separately.

Step two: Compress the branches
Use both hands to compress the foliage on each branch before detaching the section. Then, flip the tree section over and squeeze the branches together.

Step three: Secure with a ribbon
For easier handling, tie a ribbon or cord around the section to secure the branches.

Storing the tree sections

Step one: Prepare the Christmas tree storage bag(s)
Unzip and open the storage bags that came with your tree.

Step two: Store the Sections
Position the sections in the bag(s) as if they were a pair of shoes in a box, with the pole in the centre. For larger trees, place the odd-numbered sections in one bag, and the even-numbered in the other.

Step three: Seal the bag
Zip up the bag to keep out dust and insects.

How to bag a Christmas tree?

'The TreeKeeper bag tree storage system attaches to your existing tree stand and acts like a simple tree skirt during the holiday season,' says Jared Hendricks, CEO, TreeKeeper.

'When the holidays are over, open the tree skirt, grab the built-in handles, and pull upward. The TreeKeeper compresses your hinged tree and gets it ready for storage in minutes!

'After you've compressed your tree, it's easy to pick it up and move to a closet, basement, or garage. With the convenient and sturdy side handles, you can even hang it up in the garage next to the bicycles. When it's that time of year again, grab your tree from storage, unfasten the top zippers and straps, pull down the bag and your tree is ready to decorate.'


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