Vegan recipes: the best simple yet tasty dishes for Veganuary

Try these vegan recipes to kick-start your Veganuary journey – you may not look back...

Best vegan recipes
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Giving Veganuary a try? Finding vegan recipes that you'll enjoy (and that will keep you full) can be a hard task. Especially if you don't want to buy cookbooks, or you don't have the space to store any more cookbooks. Which is why we've listed all of our favourite plant-based meals, along with their recipes, below.

Whether you are easing yourself into a vegan diet, or, you are just doing it for the month of January, be sure to give these recipes a try – for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. You never know, one of them could become a year-round go-to. And, most importantly, each recipe below will have you forgetting there's no meat or dairy in them. Brilliant!

Need more? Find out how to go vegan in our guide. For more recipe ideas and inspiration, head over to our food hub page. Or, jump to find recipes that are relevant to you...

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Vegan breakfasts 

These vegan breakfast ideas will help kick start your day, in the right way. As delicious as they are nutritious, each offers a balanced approach to breakfast. And with everything from porridge to pancakes, we're here to prove that you can enjoy all your breakfast and brunch favourites, but with a vegan twist.

Vegan porridge
Porridge is the perfect breakfast if you're looking for something to keep you going up until lunch. And with a variety of milk alternatives available, is now super easy to make this breakfast staple vegan. Top with maple syrup, peanut butter, fresh berries, nuts, poached pears, caramelised bananas, or whatever else takes your fancy.View Deal

Vegan pancakes: easy, dairy free pancakes with banana, flour and oat milk
Who doesn't love pancakes? Create the ultimate stack of fluffy, vegan pancakes using nothing but healthy ingredients and absolutely no dairy. All you'll need is banana, flour, oat milk, baking soda, and a sprinkle of cinnamon for this simple, one bowl recipe. Then, top to your hearts content.View Deal

How to make avocado toast
A super popular option for lunch, brunch and breakfast, avocado toast has as good as gained cult status. And you may be be pleased to learnt that it's vegan, so long as you choose a bread that's free of milk.View Deal

Vegan shakshuka
Made with chickpeas, red peppers and sundried tomatoes, this vegan twist may be missing eggs but you won't even notice. Perfect for breakfast or brunch.View Deal

Vegan salads

Aren't all salads vegan? If you're talking about salad leaves, yes. But we're here to prove that there's much more to salad than a gem lettuce and some sad looking salad dressing. Feed your body with these balanced – and super tasty vegan salads.

Vegan tofu salad: grilled, with green beans and soy marinade
Tofu has a bad rep among carnivores, but it is a staple in Asian cooking, and makes a great source of protein for anyone who's meat-free. It takes on flavour extremely well and just needs cooking properly to be the best it can be. We love this zingy recipe for light mid-week meals or take to work lunches.
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Tabbouleh recipe: serve with hummus for a tasty, vegan midweek meal
This quick and easy dish is super satisfying, and full of flavour. Tabbouleh stores well in the fridge for a couple of days so it is a great lunch on the go – perfect for taking into the office. And you can pair with lots of side to make it part of a Middle Eastern meze. Flatbreads and falafel go well with it, for a filling feast.View Deal

Vegan lunch ideas

These vegan lunch ideas are prefect if you're looking for something light that can be enjoyed on the go, in the office, or even at the weekend when you might have time to enjoy the ritualistic side of cooking.

Baked tofu bites: breaded tofu with a satay sauce
When combined with the sweetness of the smooth peanut sauce and the tangy bite of the lime, these baked vegan bites provide a delicious, meatless snack that is as moreish as they come. A great alternative if you're craving chicken nuggets.View Deal

Vegan dinner recipes

Our vegan dinner ideas will appeal to all the family, with vegan takes on old favourites and some new, plant-based inspiration. Discover everything from vegan curry, vegan pie and vegan chilli, if you're in the mood for something hearty. Or, give vegan burgers, vegan pasta or even a vegan roast a go.

Vegan curry

Sweet potato and chickpea curry
Perfect for batch cooking and freezing, we love a curry. And this one is rich in flavour, while providing a great portion of protein (thanks, chickpeas) and plenty of veggies. Prep following this method, or adapt for cooking in a slow cooker.View Deal

Vegan jackfruit curry
This winter warmer tastes amazing, it's made with lots of tinned ingredients, and jackfruit is packed with vitamins A and C. Why not give it a go?View Deal

Vegan pie

Vegan meaty mushroom pie
Nothing beats a slice of piping hot pie served with a bit of mash and gravy - mmmm. And just because you're trying veganism, it doesn't mean you have to miss out. This crispy filo pastry is heavenly paired with its hearty, rich filling made up of vegan meat and mushrooms.View Deal

Vegan shepherd's pie
Cosy up with this classic winter warmer, a tasty vegan shepherd's pie made with lentils, lots of veg and a filling sweet potato topping. More evidence that it's super easy to vegan-ify your childhood favourites.View Deal

Vegan chilli

Vegan chilli: cauliflower and bean chilli recipe
Conscious about consuming more veg? Research suggests that we should be consuming closer to 10 portions per day, as opposed to the widely recommended five. And this vegan chilli is a great way to pack lots of veggies into one meal. Once you have the basic recipe down, you can experiment with different veg, pulses and spices to match your preference.View Deal

Jackfruit chilli recipe: the perfect vegan comfort food
Super easy to cook and with a texture that is often likened to pulled pork when shredded, we love the way that jackfruit essentially acts as a flavour sponge without sacrificing its own uniqueness. And with jackfruit amongst the most wasted foods on earth, you can rest assured that you're doing your bit for the planet, too.View Deal

Vegan burger

Vegan burger recipe: this is the ultimate midweek treat
We're big fans of the vegan burger. After all, it's hard to miss your meaty favourites if you have a good burger recipe to hand. And this one avoids consuming any animal products in the process. The ultimate burger isn't called ultimate for nothing... see the full recipe to learn how to make the chips and relishes it is served with, too.View Deal

Vegan pasta

Vegan lasagna recipe: easy, tasty, comforting
We're dubbing this vegan lasagna the rainbow lasagna – just wait until you see those colourful layers. There are lots of steps to this recipe, but boy is it worth it. We challenge you to find a lasagne that has more veggie goodness in it – from the beetroot layer, to the nutty cream on top, it is nutrient packed for sure.View Deal

Vegan pasta sauce: red pepper pesto
A healthier alternative to jarred sauces, and seriously simple to make, this vegan pasta sauce is an essential for those in need of quick and easy midweek meals. Plus, it allows you to increase your veggie intake with ease.View Deal

Vegan risotto

Mushroom risotto recipe
Mushroom risotto is warming, hearty and easy to prepare mid-week. To make this one vegan, simply skip the parmesan altogether, or substitute with a vegan alternative – mixing in a little nutritional yeast is an easy way to add a cheesy taste.View Deal

Vegan roast

Vegan roast recipe
Despite being one of the meatiest of meals, there is a way to make your Sunday roast vegan-friendly. And when we say all the trimmings and more... we mean it. Culinary gods, Firth and Theasby (aka BOSH!), have come up with a mouth-wateringly delicious vegan roast with a light filo-pastry, a super rich gravy and garlic roasted veggies, of course. View Deal

Nut roast recipe: feel-good Sunday food that's easy to make
This nut roast recipe is a Real Home's fave as it's chock-full of texture and flavour, meaning you won't have to suffer a bland Sunday dinner. It just so happens to be vegan and gluten-free which makes it a great meat alternative for a Sunday roast.View Deal

Vegan side dishes

Stuck for vegan side dishes? Hint: most sides are made from whole foods, meaning they're vegan without having to shout about it. But incase you're really stuck, here are a few ideas to get you started.

How to cook rice – a beginner's guide
First up, rice! You'll need to know how to cook rice if you're a curry fan, love a chilli or a midweek stir fry. Use our simple guide to find out how to cook perfectly fluffy riceView Deal

How to make cauliflower rice
Cauliflower rice is super easy to make, and provides a great alternative to rice, cous cous, quinoa and other grains. Your Follow these steps to transform your average cauliflower into 'rice' with ease, for a lighter option that allows you to increase your veg intake with minimal effort.View Deal

How to cook pearl barley
Anothet great alternative to rice, quinoa, cous cous, and other grains, pearl barley is a great source of fibre that's perfect for padding out a soup or salad, and makes a great alternative to risotto rice. Here's how to make it.View Deal

Vegan desserts

Nothing beats a vegan dessert, and these little lovelies will have you (and your guests) questioning whether they're actually vegan. We promise they are!

Vegan chocolate mousse – with banana
A rich vegan chocolate mousse with banana? Yes. You. Can. This vegan dessert recipe by Bosh! is perfect for all ages, capturing your childhood desperation to ditch the yoghurt and opt for a mousse, while also indulging those mature tastebuds with a melange of luxurious flavours from cinnamon to mint. View Deal

Vegan coconut caramel slices
Oh baby, these things are good. These raw coconut caramel slices are a bit like millionaire's shortbread, but packed with healthy fats and not so packed with sugar. They're perfect for a packed lunch, a mid-morning pick-me-up or that something decadent after dinner.View Deal