The best pancake recipe roundup: this is how to make pancakes perfectly

A good pancake recipe opens you up to a whole host of tasty experiences. Here, we list all our favorite pancake recipes that you should be trying out for yourself

Pancake recipe
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We all need a reliable pancake recipe in our breakfast repertoire, and boy have we got some winning recipes to shout about. And, with such an attainable breakfast (or lunch or dinner) feast ahead, you're sure to get SO much pancake-flipping practice in, that never again will you witness a soggy mess.

So now pancakes, aren't just for Pancake Day, and also there isn't only one type of pancake to choose from... The pancake recipes we have below include everything from traditional French crêpes, to our favorite all-American fluffy pancake recipe perfect for the holidays, to tasty vegan pancakes, ones with PB, and we could go on forever.

Keep reading to find your perfect pick and head to our food hub for more recipe ideas.

Pancake recipes

Easy pancake recipe

Love the traditional French crêpe? Find out how to make thin pancakes like you've always had at home. This is the simplest pancake recipe ever.

Fluffy American pancakes

It doesn't get better than a stack of fluffy American pancakes drizzled in maple syrup and topped with bacon, berries, yoghurt, peanut butter or whatever else takes your fancy. Here's how to make American pancakes the right way.

best vegan recipes

Vegan pancakes

Discover how to make tasty, dairy-free pancakes with banana, flour and oat milk. It's easier than ever to create the ultimate stack of tasty vegan pancakes, and all you'll need are few simple of ingredients. Top with maple syrup, coconut yoghurt and fresh berries, peanut butter and banana, dairy-free ice cream or melted chocolate.

Banana pancakes

Prepare the perfect gluten-free, banana pancakes with just three ingredients. Seriously fluffy, with a tasty, cake-like texture, these pancakes are best enjoyed soaked in maple syrup and topped with fresh berries.

Ricotta pancakes

Not as savory as they sound, but delightfully fluffy and tasty, these ricotta pancakes are yummy and make for a great brunch, lunch or tea.

Marmite Peanut Butter pancakes with banana

Love it or hate it, you'll be surprised at the more-ish flavor of these gorgeous pancakes, spread with this nutty topping.

Savoury pancakes

Savory pancakes are just what you need if you want to avoid the sweet stuff and stay fuller for longer. These delicious brunch pancakes fit the bill...

Pancake serving ideas:

  • Swap lemon for orange juice for a zingy pancake;
  • Banana and Nutella is a match made in heaven;
  • Add chocolate and mini marshmallows before removing from the pan for a smores pancake;
  • Add wholemeal flour or buckwheat flour to your pancake batter for a savoury galette;
  • Top with cream cheese, smoked salmon and chives;
  • Have yours with a side of eggs
  • Pile with berries and a drizzle or honey for an easy way to get lots of fruit into your breakfast.