Mexican pancakes – an easy recipe for an epic savory breakfast

These Mexican pancakes are so easy to make and packed with flavor. Add a little avo, make it veggie or add extra cheese – this will be a breakfast to remember!

Mexican pancakes
(Image credit: Aldi)

This Mexican pancakes recipe is perfect if you're having one of those weekends: sleeping in late, waking up hungry, no time to squeeze in breakfast and lunch... got the taste for something spicy...

They're perfect for using up leftovers – just match a basic pancake recipe (find the link to ours below) with the ingredients here (which we've kept to a minimum) and ta-da you have delicious Mexican pancakes. What we love about these too is that they are totally customizable so feel free to throw in whatever else you have in the fridge, use up leftover chili or add a dash of spicy to a bolognese that needs reinventing. 

And while this is a meaty recipe, you can of course swap the mince for a veggie version. It'll be just as tasty, but lighter on the stomach (and the wallet). For more food inspo head over to our hub and enjoy.

  • With thanks to Aldi for this recipe

Mexican pancakes

(Image credit: Aldi)


  • Hot Chilli Cooking Sauce 
  • Spicy Mex Cheddar 
  • Courgettes 
  • Beef Mince


1. Make the pancake mix – you can use our basic pancake recipe to whip this up in no time. Leave to one side.

2. Brown some beef mince in the frying pan then add a dash of Hot Chilli Sauce (to suit your tastes), stirring throughout to blend well. If you want to go veggie with this recipe, swap the mince for a vegetarian option now. 

3. If you have other ingredients you want to add, now's the time to do it. This might include fried onions; diced, fried carrots; sliced, fried mushrooms; kidney beans... whatever you fancy! We also like to add a little stock here – not too much, you don't want the mince mix to be too wet or it will make the pancakes soggy. Use chicken stock for bags of flavor, or vegetable stock for veggie pancakes. 

4. Wash, dry then grate a fresh courgette into the mix, skin and all. Mix well, then cook your courgette pancake mix as normal; thinner pancakes will be tastier than thick ones and need to be plate-sized to roll up. Aim to get the pancakes as crispy as you can without burning them. 

5. All done? Fill the pancakes with the mince and roll – just like you would with fajitas.

6. Top with grated Spicy Mex Cheddar and bake in the oven at 180ºC for five minutes to cook the cheese a little.

7. Want yet more flavor? Once your Mexican pancakes are out of the oven and on the plate, try topping them with a dollop of soured cream and a generous sprinkling of chives and/or spring onions. Enjoy! 

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