Mortgage deal of the week: Yorkshire Building Society's two-year fixed mortgage

This mortgage deal from YBS offers a great interest rate and overall cost, fixed until 2022

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Looking for a great fixed-rate mortgage deal? When you're a first-time buyer and looking to secure the best mortgage rate possible, it may be tempting to go to the biggest lender you can think of – usually your bank – automatically. But our research into mortgages proves time and again that often it's smaller lenders that offer the very best mortgage rates for first-time buyers. 

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One particular mortgage deal has caught our attention this week, and it's offered by the Yorkshire Building Society. First-time buyers with a 25 per cent deposit ready should be aware of the excellent 1.5 per cent interest rate offered as fixed for two years on the 75 per cent LTV (loan-to-value) ratio. This mortgage comes with a £1,495 product fee, although the evaluation is free. 

You also have the option to take out the two-year 75-per-cent LTV fixed mortgage with a product fee of only £495, but the mortgage rate will be 1.57 per cent. Despite the higher initial fee, the overall cost of the 1.5 per cent mortgage is lower – a 4.1 per cent APRC (total annual cost of the mortgage set against the loan) as opposed to 4.2 per cent if you go for the 1.57 per cent. 

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