Getting your Christmas tree this weekend? Head to B&Q and get up to 25% off!

Get festive for less at B&Q this weekend...

Christmas trees
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Nothing quite gives you the warm fuzzies like decorating the Christmas tree. Unboxing all those ancient decorations, the salt dough 'stars', the hideously tangled lights and of course the drunken fairy who is minus an arm. 

But before all that nostalgia can commence, you face the challenge of finding the PERFECT tree. Not too fat, but nothing too thin, not too sparse but don't want it to be overly bushy either and, perhaps most importantly, one that doesn't cost a fortune. 

And that's where B&Q come in. Because they are spreading the festive cheer and offering up to 25 per cent off all their real trees starting from today (6th December). Yep, you can get your hands on a discounted real tree at B&Q up until 10th December. 

The offer is in-store only, so you will have to get down to your local to pick one up. The fantastic deal applies to all medium and large Nordman trees as well as small and medium spruce trees – and prices start from just a £15! 

Oh, and don't worry – if you need any tips on how to choose the best Christmas tree or Christmas tree decorating ideas, we've got you covered.