5 things to check when you order made-to-measure blinds online

Buying blinds online is convenient and means you can get a wider choice of made-to-measure options. Blinds2go explain the things you need to check to get your order right and fit stylish new blinds in no time

Blinds2go roller blinds and curtains in a living room
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Gone are the days that you would need to spend loads of money to get bespoke blinds – you can now order made-to-measure options to arrive for fitting in your home in just a few days. These DIY options are affordable but beautiful, with everything from patterned roller blinds, to wooden venetian on offer.

If you are going to get the best look – and fit – there are a few things to get right as a consumer, before handing over to the online blind company. Experts at Blinds2go share their top tips for measuring, ordering and fitting the best made-to-measure blinds.

1. Choose the right style

You might already have an idea of what pattern or colour of blinds you want, but the type of blind you choose will depend on use. Roller and roman blinds are a great option for blocking the light and providing privacy at night. They roll (or fold in the case of Roman blinds) down to cover the window and are operated by a cord. They are a good option for creating security in a kitchen at night, or for blocking light to bedrooms.

Venetian blinds are a slatted option that can be partially opened to provide privacy while letting in some light. These work well in living spaces or even bathrooms where you don't want prying eyes, but you do want to let the sun in.

There are also special blinds for rooflights, conservatories and bi-fold doors, and don't forget that thermal and blackout types can be specified where needed. 

roller blinds in a kitchen with a cat

Roller blinds can be used to add colour and pattern in your kitchen

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2. Take advantage of the free samples

Once you have chosen the right style, it is time to choose the best materials. Ordering such a tactile product online can be daunting. The images might confirm the blinds look how you want, but checking the feel and thickness in person is important. 

Make the most of the free samples available to order from your blinds supplier. These will usually be a sample of the fabric or wood that they are made from. Blinds2go offer free samples that can be sent out with next day delivery.

botanical print blinds in a dining area

Check the blind material to get an idea of how thick it is, how much light it will let in, and what the pattern looks like in person

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3. Measure up carefully

To get the most from your blinds, you need to measure them correctly before ordering. First, decide whether the blinds will be fitted over the window opening or into the window recess. Many blinds can be fitted either way but think about whether you want to fit just blinds, or will be layering up for curtains for a cosier look. For the latter, choose recess blinds.

Use a metal measuring tape and get someone to help you if the opening is too wide to measure on your own. Always follow the company's measuring instructions to ensure the best fit. Blinds2go have simple measuring instructions to help you through the process.

4. Check the lead times

Find out when your blinds are going to be delivered so that you can set some time aside to fit them properly. It used to take several weeks to get made-to-measure blinds manufactured, but some companies can offer delivery in days allowing you to finish your makeover much sooner. Blinds2go blinds arrive in 5–7 working days – short enough to finish the job on time, but long enough for you to get up to speed on fitting...

Venetian blinds by Blinds2go in a sunroom with hanging egg chair

Venetian blinds let low levels of light into your rooms while maintaining privacy

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5. Follow fitting instructions carefully

Most online blinds are very easy to fit. Some need simple DIY tools and skills for installation – you might just need to drill a couple of holes and fit a couple of brackets. Others simply clip into your window frame with no tools required.

Always read the fitting instructions supplied with your blinds, and take advantage of aftersales help from the company if you get stuck. Follow these tips and there is no reason why you won't have ordered and fitted your beautiful new blinds in less than a week.

About Blinds2go:

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