Door and roof ideas from Korniche to get your home lookin' its brightest

No unnatural light here pls

Korniche bifold doors and roof lantern lifestyle imagery open plan white apartment with views
(Image credit: Korniche)

Having a bright, open, and airy home will make you feel more connected to nature. If your current situ is lacking in natural light, then roof lanterns and bi-fold for are the tried and tested route to increase sense of space. But whether it's flat-roof extension, self-build or renovation, there's more to consider besides the basics, like the price — there are thermal qualities, ease of extension, and aesthetics to think about too.

British brand Korniche’s innovative, award-winning engineering combined with an eye for style make its designs the perfect choice for anyone looking to create a brighter, more beautiful home. Appearance aside, its aluminium roof lanterns and bi-fold doors are low maintenance and weather resistant, keeping your home warm and secure all year round.

Including views, frames, and energy efficiency, here are five ways Korniche can help bring your designs to life and make the most of natural light, right: 

 1. A stunning view 

Korniche bifold doors and roof lantern lifestyle imagery open plan white apartment with views

(Image credit: Korniche)

It's true, some glazing options can be bulky, obscuring whatever view you may have outside. Korniche’s roof lanterns and bi-fold doors provide a solution with some of the narrowest sightlines available, thanks to their seamless aluminium joints and sharp design sensibilities. This maximises your view from every angle. 

Inspired by Victorian architectural design, the brand’s roof lanterns create a powerful link with the outdoors by opening your space to the sky above, and bathing your room in natural light. This gives your home a bright and stylish appeal, and can do wonders for your mental health and well-being; the benefits of natural daylight go beyond brightening up just your living room. 

PS: Every detail on the roof lanterns has been carefully considered, with no visible fittings and a smart, but simple design that can be professionally installed and glazed in no time at all. In fact, the ease and speed of installation include a patented Speedbead that allows the glazing of Korniche products to be carried out in seconds.

2. Double frames means more light 

Korniche’s range of bi-fold doors is similarly sleek, with narrow but durable frames that allow for more natural light and an increased sense of space in your home. The option to powder coat in vivid hues adds a dash of colour and character to your design, while creating the perfect stylish vista. 

How your space feels is just as important as how it looks, of course, and Korniche’s effortlessly smooth roller system is engineered to last for years to come, retaining quality and function even with daily use. 

Korniche’s products are available in bespoke sizes and an *almost* endless range of customisble colours, making it easier than ever to integrate roof lanterns or bi-fold doors just the way you want.

3. Energy efficient, too

Korniche bifold doors and roof lantern lifestyle imagery open plan white apartment with views

(Image credit: Korniche)

Anything to reduce the energy bills, right? Well, you'll be pleased to know Korniche’s bi-folds have innovative smart thermal technology, specially designed to keep your home warm and cosy — making them a must-have. 

Don't worry about your money being wasted either, as a patented clip-glazing bead means the glass on your bifold can be taken out and replaced in seconds. This bonus extra feature is invaluable for long-term maintenance and customisability.

And if you opt for the roof lanterns, they use thermal breaks to vastly reduce the heat transfer for amazing weather resistance, come rain or shine. 

4.  Looks that are made to last 

Yes, even in the unreliable British weather, you can trust Korniche. Every product is weather resistant, made using lightweight and durable aluminium materials which, unlike timber, don’t warp or rot as they age. This means all of Korinche’s products are incredibly low maintenance, saving you time and money in the long run, whilst reliably retaining their good looks.

5.  Maximum security 

Korniche bifold doors and roof lantern lifestyle imagery open plan white apartment with views

(Image credit: Korniche)

Have peace of mind when it comes to keeping your (now) beautiful home secure with Korniche. Leveraging over 30 years of experience to develop the most advanced products on the market, Korniche has made industry-leading security a standard across its range.

All Korniche’s bi-fold doors come with enhanced features installed, including 3 Star Yale locking barrels and multi-point locking systems. The roof lanterns, are some of the strongest on the market, supporting maximum glass sizes without the need for additional rafters. Impressive! 

 How to buy your new bi-folds or roof lanterns 

Korniche is a distinctly British brand with all its products designed, engineered, and manufactured in the UK — delivered to the mainland via a network of local trade retailers, distributors, builders, and installers. 

Visit today for more information about these innovative products, or to find your local supplier or reseller.

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