Having shutters can help you sleep better – here are 5 more reasons you should buy from Shuttercraft

Not just because they are stylish...

Shuttercraft shutters in dining room
(Image credit: Shuttercraft)

Considering making the switch to shutters, from blinds or curtains, throughout your home? Or, perhaps you are thinking about trying them out in one room first of all? This is a purchase you won’t regret as the benefits are, quite frankly, life-changing. For everyone in the family, that is. Especially if you buy said shutters from Shuttercraft – the clue is in the name.

Shutters from Shuttercraft allow you to control exactly how much light you let into your home. Whether you want to enjoy the sunlight on your face while working from home, you need the nursery to be dark in the afternoons for the little one’s nap, or perhaps you are a sensitive sleeper and don’t fancy waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning – especially now that the clocks have changed. Now is as good a time as any to invest in shutters, since we are heading out of lockdown, and a good night’s sleep is more important than ever with life soon to be back to the busy normal. For more reasons to make the investment to shutters in your home, other than for sleep and wellness, keep scrolling.

1. Shuttercraft shutters offer the ultimate light control – no matter the time of day

Shuttercraft shutters in living room

(Image credit: Shuttercraft)

If you are someone who struggles to stay asleep after the sun has risen, and you have tried numerous solutions, then perhaps shutters could be the one buy that saves your sleeping pattern. How? They can make an otherwise South-facing and very light room, dark. Even during the middle of a summers day. So you can carry on snoozing until your alarm goes off. On the other hand, each section can be individually controlled, so that you can tailor how much light comes into your home all day long. During the daytime, you may want to close the lower parts for privacy, but allow light in from higher panels. Or, for those non-street-facing windows, you can completely open the shutters to let the light flood through your home.

2. Shuttercraft products are highly customizable for all design schemes

Shuttercraft shutters in bedroom on shaped window

(Image credit: Shuttercraft)

Shuttercraft shutters can be tailored to everything from bay windows to full-height windows, they have cafe-style shutters and a tier-on-tier option, too. They can also be designed to suit whichever size window you have whether that be curved, angled or a regular-shaped window. When choosing your shutters, there are several styles to select from depending on whether your home is contemporary, modern or classic. Once you have decided on the style of shutter you prefer, you can then choose a colour or customize a colour, select hinges and take a look at add ons. We love the idea of PowerMotion shutters which open and close at the touch of a button. Alternatively, there’s AutoClose, which closes the louvres automatically when you open the shutter. The choice is yours.

3. Shuttercraft shutters are also simple to clean and maintain

Unlike curtains, that need to be machine washed and hung to dry, or in some cases professionally cleaned, shutters can simply just be wiped down. You'll want to dust them off with a microfiber duster, or a lightly damp cloth - easy stuff.

4. Shuttercraft Shutters also look the part in your home – and they can add value to your property

Shuttercraft shutters in living room

(Image credit: Shuttercraft)

We all know that shutters are an investment, therefore if and when the time comes to sell your home or get it valued, having shutters installed instead of blinds or curtains hanging should definitely add a few pound signs onto the market price of your home. Not just that, but they are a design statement and will show potential buyers that you have looked after your home well.

5. They are insulating for winter – and for colder summer days

Yes, having shutters in your home can prove to be more economical than curtains or blinds. This is due to their wooden construction which holds the heat in, reducing heat loss through windows by as much as an impressive 50 per cent. Not just great for colder days and nights, shutters are actually thermally dynamic to reflect the cold from the outside when it comes to warmer months. So, you can turn your heating right down and pop your fan on low.

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